Character » Raj appears in 11 issues.

    The attractive young boarder who moves in across the hall from Jessica Peterson.

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    Raj is an unassuming everyman who moves in across the hall from Jessica Peterson and her roommate Jin. The two girls joke about his appearance being an opportunity for the shy Jessica to begin to date in L.A. Jin, though, is the first to snare Raj, to Jessica's dismay. But Jessica - secretly becoming closer to the animal side of her persona, as passed down to every generation's Snake Woman - begins to make advances as well, seducing Raj while he is dating her roommate.

    Raj is not all that he seems, however. Following Jin's confession that she saw Jessica transform into a Snake Woman after being attacked, he savagely kills her and positions her body as if she had actually hanged herself by a belt from a ceiling fan. After Jin's death Jessica has a climactic confrontation with Harker, which reveals that Raj has been working for The 68 all along. Though not one of them, he was placed near the suspected - and then confirmed - Snake Woman in order to better observe and manipulate her.

    Raj has a background of undisclosed and extensive military and personal combat training. He is extremely vocal about his abilities once he is compromised - Jessica realizing that Jin was hanging from Raj's belt. Though he is not one of The 68, because of his expertise, they hired him to manage the newest Snake Woman.


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