Raizo Kodo

    Character » Raizo Kodo appears in 48 issues.

    Raizo is a vampire samurai. He is somewhat of a rival to Dracula.

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    Raizo Kodo is created by Victor Guschler and Giran Parlov, he first appeared in Tomb of Dracula Presents Throne of Blood #1-Throne of Blood.


    Raizo Kodo is samurai who lived in the 1500's. He and his brother are assigned a task from their clan to kill the warlord Jakkura. They make their way to Jakkura's military base and they kill the men guarding Jakkura's tent. They walk inside to fight him. Eventually Raizo's brother stabs Jakkura believing he is dead. Jakkura gets up and bites Raizo's brother on the neck. Raizo grabs a wooden sword and kills Jakkura with it. He and his brother go back home.

    Eventually Raizo notices his brother acting different suspecting the bite did something to him. Raizo travels to Jakkura's palace where he finds a three men. He easily overpowers two of the men and leaves the third to explain what happened at the palace. The man tells Raizo that a man from the west visited and promised Jakkura power(this man being a vampire). Raizo leaves knowing what he needs to know.

    That night Raizo carves wooden weapons and puts on his armor to fight the evil in his home. He finds his mother and father(who already been infected). He stabs them both with a wooden stake. He finds his wife in terror who holds onto Raizo. She bites him on the neck infecting him(he also drops his torch which puts the house on fire). He pulls his sword out, with a tear rolling down his face, and cuts her head off. He eventually goes around his home killing everyone else in the house.

    He then confronts his brother. Raizo's brother overpowers him, but luck was on Raizo's side. A part of the house falls on Raizo's brother. When he got up Raizo cut his brother's head off. Raizo leaves the house and prepares to kill himself. He stops realizing the newfound power within him.


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