Raistlin Majere

    Character » Raistlin Majere appears in 36 issues.

    Raistlin Majere a Wizard of Krynn from the Dragonlance series. He grows in power and even challenges the Gods.

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    He was born in Solace, the twin brother of Caramon. He studied magic until he took his Test in the Tower of High Socery at Waywreth at age 21. He passed the Test but his health was weaken and he was given hourglass pupils which would only see death and destruction. He entered the Red Robes of Neutrality.

    During the events of the Chronicles Trilogy, he traveled with his friends to first uncover evidence of the lost Gods of Krynn. Raistlin came into possession of a Dragon's Orb. He traveled to the Library of Palanthas where near death, he accepted the Black Robes. He would later help Tanis Half Elf kill Ariakas and bring about the end of the War of the Lance.

    He then traveled to and took over the Tower of Palanthas where he studied for 2 years. He made plans to enter the Abyss through the Portal and defeat Takhisis, the Dark Queen. Seeking the help of Crysania, a High Cleric of Paladine, he would travel back in time to Istar in her final days before the Cataclysm. There he studied under Fistandantilus, the greatest Black Robe wizard of that time.

    Once he finished, using the Bloodstone used by Fistandantilus, he stole the other wizard's power and strength. He then traveled with Caramon, Tasslehoof and Crysania to Zhaman where he would attempt to enter the Portal. He won when Caramon and Tasslehoof returned to the present to find Krynn ruined and the constalation of Raistlin's hourglass eyes in the sky instead of Paladine and Takhisis.


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