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The Rainbow Raiders are a group of color-themed villains who first appeared at Captain Boomerang's funeral. named after the late Rainbow Raider. They work for a floating head called Computron. Their motives remain unknown.

The Rainbow Raiders encountered Johnny Quick and Power Ring of the Crime Syndicate, who were posing as the Flash and Green Lantern. The Rainbow Raiders were winning until the nearby civilians attacked them in an angry mob. Johnny Quick and Power Ring were able to get their tactics together and defeated the Raiders. In the blackest night the Rainbow Raiders ultimately committed suicide in order to join the Black Lanterns, but they were never chosen.


Each member of the Rainbow Raiders have powers based on their color.

Red: has super strength.

Orange: has fire powers.

Yellow: has super speed and electrical powers.

Green: manipulates plants.

Blue: is made of water.

Indigo: has shadow powers.

Violet: controls air and wind.


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