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    Rainbow Dash is a speedy daredevil Pegasus Pony who represents the element of loyalty.

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    Background Information

    "10. Seconds. Flat."

    Rainbow Dash is a Pegaus pony of the world of Equestria who is responsible for maintaining the weather in Ponyville. She constantly takes naps if she in not doing her duties or training to be the Wonder Bolts. Her dream is to be member of the Wonderbolts. She often boasts how she is the fastest flier in Equestria, and to be honest, she is. Despite her tomboyish nature, she is a loyal pony who would never abandon her friends and she has the Element of Loyalty to prove it.


    Rainbow Dash was created by Lauren Faust. Lauren originally designed her to be Firefly but due to legal issues had to be redesigned and given a name from a G3 Pony. However she has the personality of G1 Firefly.


    She is weather manager of Ponyvile


    Boastful, cocky, loves to show off, brash extremely competitive. She would avoid revealing that she is afraid and would brag of not being afraid in order to hide it. She does not like having a pedicure as she feels that it makes her softy. She does cherish those anyone with determination such as her pet turtle Tank. she does love good joke but does not like meanness.


    Being a Pegasus she is able to manipulate the weather of the clouds, able to stand on clouds. As weather captain of Ponyville she mastered the ability to control weather.

    She is able to travel 38,000 mph meaning she can move at mach 5. When she makes Sonic Rainboom her speed is doubled to mach 10 and travels 76,000 mph and can turn 90 degree angles. She is able to performed the Sonic Rainboom by flying up in barely seconds.

    Element of Harmony

    The Element of Loyalty
    The Element of Loyalty

    Rainbow Dash represents the Element of Loyalty. This was shown when she decided to assists her friends across a broken bridge to the former royal castle instead of joining the Shadowbolts.

    Her element is a golden necklace with a red thunderbolt gem that resembles her cutie mark.


    Other being representing element of loyalty, she has won Junior Flying Competition. She was chosen by Wonder Bolts to be potential member. She has defeated Applejack in Iron Pony Completion but by usage of her wings. She has a black belt in Karate. She is able to perform the legendary Sonic Rainboom when she was just a filly.

    Her parents are Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles, who live in Cloudsdale. Rainbow Dash loves her parents, but finds them to be a little OVER-supportive and embarrassing.


    In the series finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, it is suggested that Rainbow Dash and Applejack are in a relationship, as they return to the Friendship Summit arguing about chores as if they were a couple.

    Key Episodes:

    Griffon the Brush-Off

    Fall Weather Friends

    Sonic Rainboom

    The Cutie Mark Chronicles

    May the Best Pet Win

    The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well

    Hurricane Fluttershy

    Sleepless In Ponyville

    Daring Don't

    Rainbow Falls

    Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3

    Tanks For The Memories

    Newbie Dash

    Stranger Than Fanfiction

    28 Pranks Later

    Buckball Season

    Top Bolt

    Parental Glidence

    Daring Done

    Grannies Gone Wild

    The Washouts

    Non-Complete Clause

    Common Ground

    2, 4, 6, Greaaat

    Daring Doubt


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