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    The Raiders are three mercenaries hired by industrialist Edwin Cord to attack Iron Man at an electronics convention as a demonstration for a potential buyer.

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    Edwin Cord was close to bankruptcy when the Department of Defense cancelled funding to the battle suit MAULER program because of a security breach. Cord then risked his company's remaining money in a similar combat suit called Raider. He dispatched three men with a Raider suit equipped with various gadgets and weapons to attack Iron Man at the 24th Annual Conclave of Engineers and Innovators Convention in Dallas, Texas as a demonstration for Purchasing Agent Burke of SHIELD.

    The Raiders attack!!
    The Raiders attack!!

    The three men who went by Raider-1, Raider-2 and Raider-3 infiltrated the convention and started havoc near the Stark exhibit hoping to lure Iron Man out. Scott Lang was at the convention working for Tony Stark and tried to stop one of the Raiders. He was knocked out by a sonic pressure blast from Raider-3. Iron Man shortly appeared and battled the three Raiders. The Raiders managed to escape when one of them started a fire at the convention center. Edwin Cord was filming the fight to show the Raider suit's combat abilities and told the men to prepare for one more battle with Iron Man.

    The three Raiders would reappear on the final day of the convention to battle Iron Man. The Raiders were tricked when Iron Man used his image inducer to create holograms of himself to distract the three mercenaries. Iron Man sucker punched the group and took the fight outside where there would be a less chance of harming innocent people. After an intense battle, Iron Man prevailed and all three Raiders were apprehended. Cord then showed the Raider/Iron Man footage to Agent Burke hoping that SHIELD would bail out his corporation. Agent Burke was unimpressed and had Cord arrested for putting innocent lives in danger and for the destruction of private property.


    The Raiders were created for use in Marvel comics by David Michelinie and John Romita Jr.The teams first appearance came in Iron Man #145 released in April 1, 1981.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Armor War

    Cord reactivated the Raiders to steal components necessary to complete Project: Firepower. The Raiders were tracked by Iron Man and he negated two of the armors with relative ease. The third made a break for it and gave Tony a bit of trouble before he was negated in mid air. Stark rescued the Raider and turned him over to the authorities.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Raider battle suit is similar to the MAULER design developed by Edwin Cord. The suit is equipped with flexi-armor, mini cams in the helmet, various weapons and capable of flight. Each men wore a Raider suit equipped with different gadgets and weapons.


    Wore a rotary fire-wrist bands capable of shooting bullet rounds, streams of concentrated acid or flamethrower.


    Was equipped with a force shield that can absorb certain energies and carried a syphon net that can drain power from machines and disrupt circuitry.


    Was armed with Amplisonic Shatterguns on each hand that can fire a blast of sonic pressure.


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