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    Rai is the perfect combination of biology and technology created by Father to protect the futuristic nation of New Japan in the year 4000 AD.

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    Rai is the defender of Japan. In each generation there is another person who has the honor to be the Rai. The process grants the chosen Rai great strength, speed, and energy based weapons ranging from katanas, shuriken and even a mace on a few occasions. Originally, Rai was passed down from father to son. The child was trained from birth so that they would have the skill necessary to be Japan's protectorate.

    Tohru Nakadai helped Magnus fight Spider Aliens who invaded earth. He would lose his life by Mothergod during Unity Crises.

    The most memorable is Takao Konishi, who along with Magnus Robot Fighter led a revolt against the Malev Emperor and her legion in the 43rd century. Takao received the " Blood of Heroes". This is the same blood that ran through the hero known as Bloodshot. The Malev Emperor gained control of Takao, and he begged Magnus to end his life for the sake of mankind. He had a son from a brief love affair with Leeja. His son is known as the Last Rai.

    In the new Valiant Universe, Rai defends New Japan in 4001 A.D. from internal threats. He serves the mysterious Father, a figure shrouded in secrets. He is currently working with Lula Lee, a teenage girl, to solve a case involving the first murder in a millennium. This Rai also has a deep connection to Dr. Silk.


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