Rahul Singh

    Character » Rahul Singh appears in 26 issues.

    A Sitapur cop, that has befriended Tara Mehta (Devi) and has been thrust into the world of an ancient plot.

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    Rahul is a washed up drunkard of a cop that has made a name for himself as the guy that "hunts the vile things." One of his sole friends being the mortician, Rahul is thrust into an ancient plot when he shoots and kills a fanged man with inhuman abilities. During the man's autopsy he comes back to life to attack the mortician and is truly killed when Rahul decapitates him with a bone saw.

    Following a club stamp on the man's arm, Rahul goes to The Abyss a new club owned by crime boss Iyam, and follows Iyam to the docks when he leaves the club. Discovered while spying on Iyam's meeting, he is left for dead with Amara Gaelle holding the gun.

    In a twist of fate Rahul is spared when Amara kills the guards holding him and directs him to a temple to save a woman that is to be sacrificed. Confused but wanting answers, Rahul heads to the temple and walks into a battle between the Durapasya and the team of Iyam and Kratha. He is knocked unconscious however when the Devi entity awakes within Tara Mehta.

    After being saved by Devi, he hides her in the morgue for a month as she is unconscious and causing weird things to happen: speaking of being a goddess, chanting in strange languages, and causing bodies to burst into flames. He chose the morgue for he didn't know where else she would be safe. He then takes her to his apartment where she awakens the next day, and is transported with her to a woman praying for help from Devi. Upon Devi helping the woman they are transported back to his apartment and Rahul becomes ecstatic for "this is just what Sitapur needs!"


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