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NicknameNameFighting StyleMasterDou or Sei TypeStatus
OdinRyuuto AsamiyaAncient Martial Arts, Boxing, KarateOgata IsshinsaiSei/DouActive in YOMI
Berserkern/aStreet FightingOgata IsshinsaiDouActive in YOMI
FreyaKaname KugatachiWeapon Styles (Primarly Bojutsu and Escrima)Danki KugatachiSeiActive in Shinpaku Alliance
Lokin/aKarate and Trick Weaponsn/aSeiActive in YOMI as a spy for the Shinaku Alliance
SiegfriedHibiki KugeninGon no SenMani Kor LoSeiActive in Shinpaku Alliance
HermitNatsu TanimotoChinese KenpoSougetsu MaDouActive in both YOMI and Shinpaku Alliance
ThorChiaki YumaCombat SamboDanki KugatachiDouActive in Shinpaku Alliance
ValkyrieKisara NanjoTaekwondon/aDouActive in Shinpaku Alliance
Takeda the PuncherIkki TakedaBoxingJames ShibaSeiActive in Shinpaku Alliance
Ukita the ThrowerKozu UkitaJudoMachinoDouActive in Shinpaku Alliance
Koga the KickerTaichi KogaKickboxingn/an/aUnknown '(Possible street thug or school student)
Shinnosuke Tsujin/aKoppouMountain ManDouActive (Martial Arts Student)
Shiratorin/aTaekwondoKisara NanjoSeiActive in Shinpaku Alliance
Saijo Tsukuban/aSports Karaten/an/a
Number 20n/aTrick WeaponsLokin/aActive in YOMI as a Spy for the Shinpaku Alliance
ValkyriesFreya's Attack SquadVarious Weapon StylesDanki Kugatachin/aActive in Shinpaku Alliance

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