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Two kidnappers, Kinky and Lukas, are pursued by the police, for running a red light. Stopping the car, Kinky steps out with a woman. As the police approach, Kinky demands they drop their weapons, or else he will murder the woman. As the police comply, Lukas guns the engine, and runs over them with the car. KInky muscles the woman back towards the car. Suddenly, Ragman drops down onto the hood. Panicking, Lucas hits the accelerator, and begins wildly weaving down the street. Kinky fires on Ragman, but his errant bullet instead hits Lukas, killing him. The car careens out of control, slamming into a pile of scrap metal before bursting into flames. Ragman is forcibly thrown to the ground. Kinky runs up to point blank range, then levels his weapon on Ragman's head. Ragman kicks Kinky's legs out from under him. As the gunsel falls, he discharges his weapon, again and again, missing his target every time. Finally, Ragman punches Kinky into unconsciousness. Overcome with gratitude, the woman, Opal, kisses Ragman, who then departs. Returning to his home at the Rags 'N' Tatters pawn shop, Ragman resumes his civilian identity, Rory Regan. Opening the shop for business, Regan sees to the needs of the downtrodden poor, who bring him their most valued belongings in exchange for the few dollars Regan can offer. Regan's girlfriend, Bette Berg, arrives, at the close of business, to once again plead with Regan to seek out a better life for himself. In honor of his father's memory, Regan refuses to abandon the Rag 'N' Tatters shop, telling Berg that it would be best if she just forgot him.

Meanwhile, a man named Vorst approaches a criminal boss called "Flowers", offering a cut of a large sum of stolen money, for assistance in re-acquiring the loot. The money was taken in an armored truck heist, and, unbeknownst to Regan, is hidden in a mattress, out behind his junk shop. Vorst killed Regan's father, Gerry, along with three other men, trying to ferret out the location of the money. A secret Regan's father, and his friends, took to their graves. Flowers brings in Opal, and questions her about the Ragman. When Opal refuses to talk, Flowers orders her death. Vorst, though, has another use for Opal, one which, with a little luck, will flush out the Ragman. The next day, an aged derelict enters the Rags 'N' Tatters shop, and pawns an old fashioned cuckoo clock. At midnight, an incendiary device, inside the clock, detonates, setting the pawn shop ablaze. Vorst, and his thugs, hover above the junkyard in a helicopter. A spotlight shines down into the yard, illuminating Opal, who stands chained to the ground. Ragman swings to her rescue. Ragman hurries to free Opal, as Vorst brings the helicopter in close, looking to slay Ragman and Opal with the helicopter's whirling blades. Ragman and Opal flatten against the ground. Then, Ragman grabs one of the helicopter's wheels, as it again ascends into the sky. Vorst's men shoot at Ragman, who twists madly about to avoid being hit by the gunfire. Wrenching the wheel free of it's housing, Ragman throws it into the rotating blades. The helicopter blades shatter, bringing the helicopter crashing down into the junkyard. Surrounded by the dual fires of the pawnshop and helicopter, Ragman and Opal embrace.

Note: This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Aquaman "Twinkies and Kelp."

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