Rage Virus

    Object » Rage Virus appears in 30 issues.

    The Rage Virus is a fictional virus from the 28 Days Later films and comics.

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    The Development

    Originally the virus was meant to isolate and inhibit the specific neuro-chemicals that cause excessive anger and aggression in humans.  Developed by Doctor Clive and Doctor Warren of Cambridge University, England.  

     Doctor Warren
     Doctor Warren
    The original 'inhibitor' could only be delivered through intravenous injections.  The first human patient to have the inhibitor tested was a hooligan, acquired through less than legal methods.  Seeing no change in behaviour, Doctor Warren tried to icrease the dosage only to have the test subject lose patience with his experimenters.  Breaking free of his restraints, he moves to kill Doctor Clive but is quickly murdered by Doctor Warren.  Both doctors decide to bury the body of the criminl and claim him to have escaped in order to explain his absence.

    From here the development changes, with both doctors deciding to test on chimpanzees rather than humans and that the delivery system of the inhibitor should be a contagion rather than pill form and adapt parts of the Ebola virus. It becomes clear within time that the addition of the Ebola strains mutated the inhibitor to do the exact opposite and increases rage and violence.  Soon, Doctor Clive commits suicide but not before telling the Animal Freedom Front about animal testing in the labs.  

    Doctor Warren is in the labs when the intruder alarm is set off and is attacked by the chimpanzee with the, now fully evolved Rage Virus.

    Symptoms and Characteristics

    • Extreme violence and agression
    • Increased strength and mobility
    • Ability to sustain large amounts of bodily
    • Diminishing of survival instinct
    • Diminishing of higher brain functions
    • Blood shot eyes
    • Incubation period of less than thirty seconds
    • Can spread through any bodily fluids
    • Only able to be carried by primates
    • Heterochromic eyes an indicator of immunity

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