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Lieutenant Rafael Scarfe of the N.Y.P.D. was a close associate to Luke Cage and Iron Fist. He first came into contact with the two superheros after Misty Knight, a former cop herself and ex-partner to Rafael, introduced them to one another. After that, Rafael aided Luke and Iron Fist on many occasions during their superhero days as the "Heroes for Hire". When Luke and Iron Fist would capture a criminal, Rafeal would be their contact person and would be the one to put the criminals in jail and let them get prosecuted.


Rafe showed up in Shadowland and was apparently investigating the murders of high-ranking organized crime individuals. At the time it was made to look like the Hand ninja were behind the killings and thus connecting the murders to Daredevil king of Shadowland. Rafe visited Misty Knight in the hospital and told her to stay off the case after she was attacked by hoodlums in the middle of the night. At the end of Shadowland: Blood on the Streets it is revealed that Rafe and some of his officers are behind the killings, becoming vigilantes and executing them in ninja garb to pin the killings on the Hand. When he is outed he permanently crosses the line by taking a pregnant Misty hostage in an attempt to escpae police custody. Misty is able to defeat him with the help of her wits and a concussive bolt from her bionic arm.

Other Media

Frank Whaley will play Rafael Scarfe as part of Marvel's Luke Cage series on Netflix. He is once again the partner of Misty Knight on the police force as they investigate into who Luke Cage is.


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