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    Rafael Albuquerque is an artist that has worked for DC Comics, with Blue Beetle being his break-out gig. He currently illustrates the Vertigo series American Vampire, which he is co-creator of along with writer, Scott Snyder. Later in 2012 he will draw back ups in Batman with Snyder.

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    American Vampire

    In 2010, Albuquerque joined upcoming writer Scott Snyder in launching the Vertigo series American Vampire. Along with Snyder, acclaimed novelist Stephen King wrote the back up feature to the first five issues, which Albuquerque also illustrated. The series was quick to gain critical acclaim and beginning with the thirteenth issue, Albuquerque began to be listed with Snyder as co-creator, which Snyder described as being "very well deserved." The series success eventually lead to the launch of a five issue mini series called American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest (drawn by Sean Murphy.) The series would go on to win both the 2011 Harvey and Eisner Awards for best new series. Albuquerque remains the series main artist, while taking breaks every few arcs to allow Snyder to tell side stories.

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