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    Radioactive Man is a comic book character on the Simpsons.

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    Radioactive Man is a fictional comic book character from the Simpson's series. He is a superhero from Bart's favorite comic book Radioactive Man.

    Claude Kane III is a rich playboy socialite who is told by his father and his crush, Gloria Grand, that he needs to do something with his life. His father is a scientist working on a nuclear bomb. One night his father's lab is attacked at the same time as he accidentally drives his car into the Nuclear testing area. The attack is engineered by his soon to be arch-nemesis Dr.Crab. After the explosion Kane was changed, fueled with pure clean atomic energy and became the superhero known as Radioactive Man.

    During the explosion a lightning shaped metal shard got lodged in his head, causing Claude to always wear a hat while not wearing his costume. Despite saving the day as Radioactive Man, Claude is still seen by those around him as a rich lazy and dumb playboy. The only person who knows he is really Radioactive Man is Fallout Boy.

    In the earlier comics Radioactive Man was shown to be a somewhat conservative and not too bright guy who believed the youth of America were being turned into criminals by comics and who helped a child take a stolen TV home because he thought the child was jaywalking and didn't want him to move on to harder crime.



    Height 6 feet

    Hair Brown

    Eyes Black

    Lightning Bolt stuck in his head.


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