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Before National Periodicals (DC) hit the mother lode with Siegel & Shuster’s Superman, they created and worked on a number of other characters.

Along with Slam Bradley and Doctor Occult they also did Radio Squad.

Radio Squad at first was just Sandy Kean, a unformed policeman fighting crime with the new wonder of the age, radio, he was later joined by partner Larry Trent, together in police car # 54, and their trusty police radio they rounded up scores of crooks.

Most of the Radio Squad stories consisted of only two pages, giving it the look of a newspaper Sunday strip.

While created by Siegel & Shuster, Siegel would soon leave, with the art being taken over by different artists such as Matt Bailey, Martin Wheeler, Fred Ray & Chad Grothkopf, eventually during its 75 issues run the scripting  would be taken over by an unknown new writer.

As comic stories stated to get longer, and superheroes started to become more prominent Radio Squad was turned off for the last time at DC in More Fun # 86, however they would make one more appearance in the perhaps illegal publication of a number of Radio Squad stories in the pages of Atomic Comics from minor comics publisher Green Publications in 1946.


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