Anyone Check Any Radical Titles Yet?

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I just came onto this forum and not one thread yet. I was over at a local book store and was browsing their comic books section. I just stumbled on 2 books from Radical Comics: Caliber & Shrapnel. I looked inside and wow, the art is breathtaking. I read a little bit and found myself captivated. I came home and checked their website and read a little on the company. I'll definitely be checking more of this publisher in the future. 
Anyone else know or read any of Radical Comics' titles?
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Yeah, I got both of those stories. Great stuff. I first came across Radical with Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead. That story was so cool. Tight concept. Top-notch art. Then I got City of Dust, and man, that was so crazy, it blew my mind. I have to say, everything I've picked up from Radical has been spot on.

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I too picked up City of Dust and loved it! I cannot wait to pick up more of there books!

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been meaning to try them out but I have so much stuff to read lately and so little time.

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I really loved Hotwire. That one was (and is) awesome.

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I have Aladdin and Legends the enchanted they where both amazing the art is some of the best I'v ever seen it they are both really cool takes on old myths

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