Character » Radiant appears in 4 issues.

    A creation of the the planet Calaton to stop Doomsday. A being of limitless pure energy.

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    During Doomsday's Galactic rampage, he reached Calaton, a world of golden spires and advanced technology. After three years of his relentless attacks across the planet, only the capital survived. Royal scientists had worked night and day to find a way to stop Doomsday. The Monarch's family, inbred for eons, had developed certain unique metahuman abilities which would be the key to Calaton's survival. The royal scientists created a vessel to channel their leaders' abilities, and all members of the King's families were gathered up at his command. Their metahuman life forces were drained, their lives willingly given to a greater good. The royal scientists, grieving as they watched their rulers make such noble sacrifices, channeled the energies into their creation; the Radiant, a being of pure energy, artificially engineered to destroy the artificially engineered Doomsday.

    A week long battle ensued, and towards the end Radiant proved stronger and prevailed over Doomsday, unleashing a final blast of pure energy that destroyed a fifth of Calaton. Doomsday was suited and chained so his spirit wouldn't escape in the afterlife, as a part of Calaton burial customs. As a murderer he was deemed unworthy of burial on sacred Calaton, so his body was cast into the coldness of space where it would drift forever.

    When Doomsday reached Apokolips, after the death of Superman, he was teleported back to Calaton. Darkseid hoped he would be defeated there once more. Radiant would again engage the monster, but Doomsday had adapted. Canceling out Radiants energy, Doomsday tore him in half. When Superman arrived, the dying Radiant asked the Man of Steel to save his people.

    Following Doomsday's battle with the Superman and Radiant, much of Calaton's surface had been ravaged and irradiated. A religious group rose up, worshipping the Radiant and expecting his return. As Calaton's police force arrived to arrest the cult and bring them into a radiation-safe city, the Radiant's face appeared and left a message of hope, before disappearing again.


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