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    She is Miss Victory daughter, in AC Comics.

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    Jennifer is the only daughter of Joan Wayne, AKA Ms. Victory. A tall slim blonde, she is married to David Burke and they have one son, Jason. Jennifer is not at all aware of the activities of her mother as a super-heroine, in FemForce team. She feels that her mother spent her life working in research for government and she's misses lots of things life.

    When Captain Tom Kelly came to meet her and her husband, she learned the truth. Tom told her about the stages of the life of her mother, how she got her powers, how she do to stay young... She understood many things at this meeting. If Ms. Victory had not become Rad, we can believe that Jennifer would remain in ignorance for some time. But the government needs to replace Ms. Victory and they asked Jennifer to take that place. The compound (V-47) which gave powers to Joan Wayne worked only for herself, in her body. The government believes that Jennifer, the daughter of Joan, could take the V-47 and thus having the same power, without side effects. They argue that her similar body chemistry makes her the only logical replacement.

    Jennifer, seeing that her mother became, is absolutely not interested in this proposal. She asks the captain to leave her house and she never wants to hear about that anymore. She was angry, then sad.


    In the days and weeks that followed, Captain Kelly called Jennifer to see if she had changed her mind. The answer was still negative. It took some months before Jennifer accepts a position as secretary to the government (a coverage). The financial situation of her family had become horrible and she had no choice. She agreed to pass all required tests to see if she could become the next Ms. Victory. In addition, she liked the idea of being able to help find her mother Joan, who disapeared recently.

    The blood tests were very positives, as expected the vitamin V-47 seemed to react well in her constitution. They gave her small diluted doses at first. She began to lift weights. Then Kelly trained her to fight and defend herself with her fists. He quickly realized the effect of the vitamin. First, muscle mass of Jennifer became increasingly important, her muscles was taking some expansion (it was obvious to the eye). Second, she became increasingly strong. And Third, her hair grew rapidly. She was transformed into an olympic level athlete.

    The doctors have finally injected pures doses of V-47 to Jennifer. But its not working, she was not able to lift a dumbbell of 2000 lbs. Angry at this failure, she struck the dumbbell in her frustration with her left hand (as in karate when we wants to break wooden boards). To the amazement of everyone present (including her), her hand went through the iron bar of the dumbbell! She has break the barbell in the center and has even made a 1 foot depth hole into the cement floor under it. There was no more doubt, a superhuman strength is needed to do this kind of feat. A new Miss Victory was born.

    David, her husband, has obviously noticed the changes in the body of his wife and he wonders how she has changed so quickly . She's really more beautiful and attractive, with her bigger muscles, her more developed "attractions". She told him she was training in a gym, simply. He did not really doubt that she was now thousands of times stronger than him.

    Her first challenge was not really tough. She had to arrest Madame Boa, a thief. She just had to clamps one hand over the muzzle of her submachine gun to make it explode. Madame Boa was out of action.

    Captain Kelly, proud of her new heroine, met Colt to tell her she must leave her position as FemForce leader. Colt had made an honest job but the team had lost a lot of prestige and reputation. Worst, some people even believe that FemForce no longer exists... Colt then meet the new team leader, the new Miss Victory.

    The first days of Jennifer as a leader has not been easy. Some members of the team, including Stardust and She-Cat do not like a stranger arrives and become their leader. After all, she's just there because she is the daughter of Joan Wayne? Captain Kelly has talked to them seriously. They must minimally be able to work as a team. But outside of missions, Jennifer is left out by others.


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