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    Chosen from the backwater planet of Kilhaven, to serve in the Black Templar's Chapter of the Space Marines. Who's rising up the ranks from Neophyte to entombed Dreadnaught, is charted in Damnation Crusade.

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    Once a savage from the Drumkil clan on Kilhaven, he was hand picked by Brother Brunner of the Black Templars Space Marine Chapter. We see him in Domus Magna the keep of the Black Templars, just after his surgical operations to become a Space Marine, he his given the rank of Neophyte and the task of killing an abomination created after a failed initiation. We later see him on the Battle Barge Admonisher, being advised by Brother Brunner about the upcoming battle with will be Raclaw's first as a Space Marine Scout. We see the two of them fighting together against wave after wave of Orks, later saving Brunner from being overpowered and outnumbered by a group of Nobz.

    We next see them traveling to Hephaestus via Drop Pods, in the fifth year of the Hephaestus crusade. During which the Eldar forces ambushes the squad and an Eldar Wraith Lord crushes Brunner. Seeing this act of bravery, Raclaw carries on the battle seeing it into victory. Returning to Domus Magna, he is instructed by Brother Tove that he is now under his command since his master's death. His first task to assist him in the defense of the keep that is under siege the Black Templars keep by the Tyranid Hive. Jumping forward to the purging of the Sinnabahr Hive during the first campaign, Neophyte Raclaw is battling against the hordes of Chaos with his new master Brother Tove Skeld. After which he is promoted to the rank of Brother by Tove and chooses to take Brunner's first name as his last, being known as Brother Raclaw Gerhart from now on. Ending his fifity five years of service in the Black Templars Scout Company.

    We later see Brother Gerhart returning to Kilhaven, thirteen years before Sanguin Liberation. At the great Succaba Gates Gerhart and his sworn Sword Bretren defend the population of Kilhaven. Afterwards Gerhart brags about the victory to his Brothers and they warn him about his pride. So he travels back to Dormus Magna in service of forgiveness from a Brother Chaplin, in which the Chaplin reply that there is no sin present in Brother Gerhart. He then returns to Kilhaven and selects a disciple in much the same manner that he was, stating the Kilhaven has produced good stock in the past. During the battle of Carrion Gulf, third year of the Torment Crusade on the planet Magnum Christi. Brother Skeld and Gerhart are facing the forces of Chaos once more, after driving away the forces they discover several Chaos Titans, which have been recently dug from the ground (Exterminatus). Later overwhelming odds, which the squad faces separates them, and Gerhart doing his best, he takes out the Chaos Champion but receives a mortal wound. Brother Skeld, an Apothecary and a Squad of Black Templars come to Gerharts aid, but it's too late, after which the Apothecary awards him with Dreadnaught duty.

    From now on Gerhart is known as Brother Tankred and when he is not engaged in battle, his Techmarine induces a chemical coma that they administer. He is the awakened onboard the Battle Barge Leveller, on the eve of the Kassiroth offensive. He is deployed against the Tau forces, while in a close combat battle with a Tau Battlesuit, he receives damage to his legs and arms but still manages to destroy it. After the battle he is repaired by the Techmarines but cannot receive pain relief, so asks Brother Arnulf to wait and talk about past victories. A unknown number of years later Tankred is awaken and is told that while he slumbered Brother Arnulf died in service to the Emperor and the Techmarine Piramus will care for now on. He also tells him that they’re in urgent need for his services, he is then deployed against a Chaos Champion. Fighting his way through the Chaos hordes until he reaches his target, only to have his left arm and legs ripped off. He then stabs the Champion with the remains of his arm and then shoots his face with onboard Storm Bolter. Tankred is left in the battlefield reciting his oath over and over again. At the end we see he’s onboard the Battle Barge Rectifier being repaired by Brother Piramus, he is then visited by Brother Tove Skeld. Piramus first questioning why he’s here and Skeld replying that they knew each other long ago when both were men and not legends. Piramus then leaves them warning Skeld that Tankred couldn’t respond while being drugged so heavily, it ends with Tankred telling Skeld that he will always continue and endure.

    Powers and Abilities

    As a Adeptus Astartes (Space Marine) Brother Raclaw has super human strength (5 tons with Power Armour) and durability. He has Gene Enhance reflexes and speed as well. All Space Marines are train to be Expert Marksman and Close Combat Specialist. Raclaw wields a Bolter and Chain Sword in Combat. He has been known to wield a Power Weapon. Power Weapons generate a field to help separate molecules of matter and deflect energy. The Power Armour he wears has been shown to increase his durability to attacks, and survive in any environment. The Power Armour has shrugged of Grenades and Small Caliber weapons with no effort. The Bolter is a Two Stage Rocket Propelled Grenade automatic weapon.

    As Brother Tankred Dreadnought Armour is even stronger and more Durable than most Tanks. As a Dreadnought he can sustain multiple Anti Tank Weapons with little damage. Brother Tankred is armed with a Assault Cannon, Dreadnought Fist, and Storm Bolter. The Assault Cannon that makes up his right arm is a Anti Tank weapon in Mingun form for vehicles and armored troops. The Storm Bolter is a Dual Bolter Gun with higher rate of fire and ammo capacity. The Dreadnought Fist is a giant Hydraulic Clawed Power Weapon for his left arm.


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