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Powers and Abilities

Rachel as a disciple in YOMI with a master in YAMI is considered a high class disciple. She practices Lucha Libre which ,while having overly flashy moves normally unusable in normal combat, Rachel can perform and fight with ease. She is a expert at playing an audience and staying ahead of her opponent to make sure the fight goes the way she wants it to.Without putting forth any effort Rachel can dominate grown men twice her size and has been shown to keep up with Renka Ma a talented Chinese Kung Fu disciple. When without an audience Rachel adopts a more straightforward fighting style closer to traditional wrestling and the power of her attacks goes up as she is not concerned with giving an audience a show. The only shortcoming of this state of mind is that Rachel's moves lose the dynamic unpredictable nature and become easier to read. Rachel strength, speed, and stamina are noticeably higher than most disciple class fighters and on par with most of the Shinpaku Alliance and YOMI. The area that Rachel seems to stand out in is her flexibly, being able to continuously break out of any hold and counter many hits out of the sheer flexibility of her body.


  • Castor Drop Kick - Rachel lunges at her opponent from above and kicks them with both legs while dropping down.
  • Diego Tick Stiener - Rachel grabs the opponent around the head with their legs, then forcefully spins the opponent fast in an vertical manner and slams them into the ground.
  • Lariat - Rachel rushes to her opponent and proceeds to strike them with her arms in order to knock them down to the ground with the full force and strength of her body.
  • Los Trucos Sin Nombre - Rachel attacks her opponents with a barrage of basic, but powerful strikes in order to overwhelm her opponent. For this technique Rachel doesn't waste her energy on showing off but rather employes her full power for a simple offensive barrage.
  • Rachel Bunshin - Rachel creates several clones of herself while moving at a high speed.
  • Rachel Crash -
  • Rachel Supplex - Rachel stands behind her opponent and puts her head under the arm of the opponent. She then lifts the opponent up using both of her arms wrapped around the torso of the opponent. The wrestler finally falls backwards and drops the opponent flat on his back.
  • Romero Special - A very showy grappling technique, Rachel grabs her opponents arms and locks them, then proceeds to grab their arms from behind then falls to the ground, finishing this move off by locking her legs with her opponent's then elevating them up into submission to prevent them from escaping.
  • Rope Bounce - A wrestling move were you bounce an opponent off the ropes and use the bounce to set the opponent up for an additional move. While generally not for anything, but a wrestling match Rachel can use her strength to force a bounce out of her opponent.
  • Tornado Drop Kick - Rachel lunges at her opponent from above and kicks them with both legs dropping down while spinning in mid-air to increase the amount of damage done.

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