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Born on her homeworld planet Shili, as a child, Ranna Tey was prone to have severe headaches and nightmares due to her being a Togruta. Thanks to a passing Jedi, the Jedi took her to Coruscant to see Jedi Master Krynda Draay, who healed her. Draay revealed to her that her headaches and nightmares were actually Force visions. She decided to take Tey in and train her to be a Jedi. While In the order, she became acquaintance with Krynda's son, Lucien Draay, along with Q'Anilia, Feln, and Xamar.
As the years went by, Ranna became one of Krynda's finest students. She became the youngest member of the First Watchcircle. One day, Ranna overheard her master talk about her vision about the Prophecy of Five, a vision concerning five individuals who would come to stand in different alignments of The Force. This drove her in being part of the prophecy.
Ranna later became a Jedi Master and became the master of padawan, Kamlin.

Character Evolution

Raana Tey was known to be an aggressive individual growing up. That trait did not pass as she grew older. When Zayne Carrick escaped the First Watchcircle's grasp, she decided to hunt Carrick down thinking that he was part of the Prophecy of Five. As time went on though, she slowly started to lose her sanity due to the Force visions and nightmares of Carrick become a Sith.

Major Story Arcs

Knights of Suffering

The search for Zayne Carrick started to take it's toll on Raana. On Taris, Tay managed to meet the younger sister of the deceased padawan Shad Jelavan, Shel Jelavan. Tay managed to convince her to extract her revenge on Zayne for murdering her brother. When Zayne came to join the Taris resistance against the Mandalorians, Carrick met with Shel, but was shot by her. Thanks to briefcase he was carrying, the blast only knocked him down, but it was just enough time for Ranna to corner him. Gadon Thek and his Hidden Bek gang pulled their weapons at her, however, the resistance did the same at the Hidden Bek. Senator Goravvus  appeared and ask both parties to stand down. Tey tried to convince the senator that both Carrick and the Hidden Bek were not to be trusted, but her protest was heard on deaf ears.
Later, Ranna overheard Zayne trying to convince Shel that he was innocent and that the First Watchcircle was responsible for the death of her brother. Tay joined in the conversation and continues to persuade Jelavan that Carrick turned to the Dark side and was deceiving her. Refusing to believe either one, Jelavan angrily left the room.
Tay was present when Senator Goravvus and the Resistance came up with a plan to against Cassus Fett in the Tower. using explosives to attempt to wipe out Fett and other Mandalorians caught in the blast. When Tey refused to carry out the mission, Zayne and Shel volunteered for the job instead. Tey then realized that she could use the opportunity to kill Carrick and volunteered herself to protect Jelavan against Carrick and Mandalorians.
Before they took off, Raana told Shel her plan and that she foresaw that Zayne would be the one to kill her. She asked Jelvan to kill Carrick when the moment was right using her older brother lightsaber. Using Mandalorian armor, Carrick and Jelavan entered the tower while Tay entered through a shaft. While they were planting the explosives, Jelavan had the perfect opportunity to kill Carrick, ultimately decided not to. Tay decided to carry the task herself meeting him in the council chambers. Tay lunged at Carrick, lightsaber at ready to strike him down. Despite his improvement with his lightsaber skills and utilizing a jetpack, Carrick could not counter her vicious attacks. She Force-pushed Carrick flying towards the glass ceiling sending pieces of shards into her face. Before she gave the final blow, Tay informed him about the Prophecy of the Five, believing that he and his deceased friends were the ones. Just when Tay was about to strike him down, she was stabbed from behind Jelvan using her older brother lightsaber. 
Hierogryph and Gadon Thek arrived to rescue Shel and Zayne. Raana however, managed to climb back to her feet. Though dying, she attempted to stop them by leaping onto the roof and killing Carrick. Despite everything that had happened, Carrick still offered his hand to Tey to rescue her and bring her to the healer back at the Resistance base. Tey then realized that Carrick couldn't be the dark one in the Prophecy. She tried to get free but, her hand got stuck between the glass. She attempted to use her saber to cut herself free, but Hierogryph mistook her for trying to attack Carrick and blew the charges set in the Tower. In her final moments, Tay asked Carrick to tell Krynda Draay that she was sorry. The tower blew as Carrick and Jelavan escaped, killing Raana Tey. 
Her death was immediately sensed by Lucien Draay and Q'Anilia. Q'Anilia was concerned that Carrick now knew of their Master and the mastermind behind the Padawan Massacre of Taris. Later, a statue and memorial was constructed outside the Draay Estate on Coruscant in her honor.


Powers and abilities

Due to her being a Togruta, Ranna Tey had the ability to see visions of the future. As a Jedi Master, her abilities enhanced thanks to the Force. She was even see her future death. Along with being able to see into the future, Tey was a deadly duelist. Do to her species' nature, it made her aggressive in combat. Thanks to her visions, she was able to see her opponent's moves before they even strike. Lucien Draay stated that she was the best duelist in the First Watchcircle, only second to him. Tay also has a strong will as she was able to stand after being stabbed from behind with a lightsaber.    
However, her weakness lie in her Force visions. As a child, she was prone to have headaches and nightmares, After murdering her padawan Kamlin, those headaches and nightmares returned, causing her sleep deprivation and prone to the Dark side. It also made her visions useless.

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