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 The Story Teller
 The Story Teller
Raamia is a member of the race of god-like beings known as the First. Her name is derived from the word drama and is supposed to govern her personality. She was considered young by First standards, although she was around during the first Age of Wars among her people. During her time of peace, Raamia became the only lover of Altwaal, the leader of the First. It was during this time that a splinter group of First's decided that Altwaal was no longer fit to lead them and that he should step down, allowing a council to lead instead. Raamia never officially stated whether she agreed with this idea, however she was quoted as saying that Altwaal was the best of the First. She was also among his closest advisers during this time. Raamia often stayed quiet at the countless debates the First partook in to discuss the change in leadership until one night she criticized her people, saying "nothing will change if you waste your lips forming words every night, change can only come from action". It was at this moment an assassination attempt on Altwaals life failed and killed Raamia instead. Altwaal, stricken with grief, defied the natural laws to bring Raamia back, and sent her to another planet to avoid the following wars that would occur because of this single event. Raamia also stay on this planet for some time as she was shunned by many of her people after her resurrection. After Altwaal was rumored to have been killed when creating the Eidolon Rift that split the home planet of the First, Elysia, into two Houses, Raamia chose to stay in House Dexter.

 Raamia's death and resurrection
 Raamia's death and resurrection
Soon after this event, Raamia was chosen as a member of House Dexter's council, and insisted that Altwaal would eventually return. Her placement on the council indicates that she is one of the wisest members of her race, as House Dexter's council is chosen by mutual consent and only seats the most wise. She also is no longer seen without two animated staves that represent Comedy and Tragedy, although they appear to be sentient when reacting to events in the story, they do not speak and play no role in the series. Readers initially learn of Raamia's death and resurrection, as well as, the  civil war that split the First in two, when she tells the it to the Secundae known as Seahn. It is implied that the two of them are lovers, however, when Seahn leaves, readers are teased when she speaks to an unknown person saying "We were just talking about you", hinting that Altwaal still visits her from time to time. Raamia does not often act much in the politics of the First, and often seems to show more understanding of the events that occur when compared to some of her peers. For example when Seahn challenges Pyrem for leadership of House Dexter, she simply says that it is natural for the young to defy their parents and change is simply inevitable. Raamia also suspected that the First were not truly the first beings to be created in the universe, although, this may be due to her relationship with Altwaal rather than her wisdom.

While Raamia's overall role in the story of the First is minimal, she serves as a catalyst for the second civil war, and tells a very detailed story of the First's past. At the end of the First series, Raamia is killed again by the Lawbringer known as Qztr when the First prepare to go to war with the Negation. However, it is not know whether Altwaal was able to resurrect her for a second time, although this is unlikely as he was rumored to be killed in the following battle. The issues containing this information were never released as the series was abruptly canceled after Crossgen Comics filed for bankruptcy.


Raamia is a member of the First, and as such is privy to a wide range of abilities including immortality, regeneration, energy control, flight, and teleportation to name a few. However, Raamia very rarely demonstrates the use of any of her powers during the series. Although she may be a weaker member of the First, as she has stated that she was considered young by her peoples standards, and age is one of the determining factors of a First's power.

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