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    An average Kree female who led a resistance against the Phalanx

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    The Resistance

    Ra-Venn is an average Kree female who is leader of the Kree resistance against the Phalanx. When Wraith searches for someone who may have the information he is looking for, he is taken to the hidden city of Haline where the resistance is located and as Ra-Venn already knows a little of him, she asks for his assistance in defeating the Phalanx. Wraith refuses to join the resistance and insists he's only looking for information. During their conversation, the Phalanx attack Haline as Ra-Venn asks Wraith he would assist if she could give him the information. Wraith does not answer but provides the Phalanx with a fight while Ra-Venn and other resistance members escape.

    Ra-Venn and her resistance successfully escape from Haline and begin to use hit and run tactics against the Phalanx. Luckily for the resistance during the time of their attack is the same time of Wraith, Super Skrull and Praxagora’s escape from the Phalanx, these three quickly extinguish the danger that Ra-Venn and co are in. Ra-Venn then manages to convince them to join the Resistance.

    After Ra-Venn’s resistance capture a Phalanx scientist they find plans for a super-weapon and Wraith describes to them what must happen in an oncoming battle which soon follows. Ra-Venn leads the resistance into battle and their ships and members are quickly decimated leaving half as many to a close retreat. But it is revealed that Ra-Venn and the resistance were just providing a distraction for Wraith, Super Skrull and Praxagora to infiltrate the enemy ship. Ra-Venn is next seen with a new member to the Resistance, Ronan.

    Annihilation Conquest

    Ra-Venn is acting pilot with Praxagora for Ronan, Super Skrull and Wraith as they travel to Kree-Lar.

    Ra-Venn, Ronan, Super Skrull, Praxagora and Wraith arrive to Kree-Lar where they briefly battle some Phalanx and find Annihilus’ drones who they request to take them to Ravenous.

    Ra-Venn and the others meet with Ravenous which results in the capture of him. Ronan uses Ravenous as his hostage while he enters the secret chambers of Kree-Lar’s palace.

    While Ronan, Wraith and Praxagora enter the chamber, Ra-Venn and Super Skrull stand guard against the chamber enterance and watch the Annihulus’ drones.

    Ra-Venn acts as pilot with Praxagora for Ronan, Super Skrull and Wraith and takes them to the current Kree capital where the other Annihilation Heroes are in battle with Ultron and the Phalanx. She attempts to convince Ronan to call off the sentries attack on the Kree and Phalanx but Ronan believes the attack is still the best thing for the Kree. This is then followed by Ultrons brief take over of Praxagora; where he sabotages both the sentries and Praxagora's body resulting in Praxagora exploding. Ra-Venn and the others escape in Super Skrull’s forcefield and she is there to witness Ultron and the Phalanx's attack.

    Realm of Kings

    With the Inhumans resuming the role of ruling the Kree Empire and defeating the Shi'ar Empire in the War of Kings, Ra-Venn continues to serve her people. At the end of the war a massive rip in space-time opened known as the Fault. Ra-Venn was sent along with Triton to investigate and try to locate Black Bolt, who had perished during the war. They were unable to find him but found life from another universe that was horrifying. It infected Ra-Venn, making her tranform into a disgusting creature that combined with the rest of the crew. The creature was killed upon return to Hala, ending whatever life Ra-Venn may have been holding on to.


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