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    Qwerty was a "useless" morlock whom had a miserable life. Her power gave her the ability to see the outcome every choice she make and also the outcome of every other choice she didn't make. This applied to everything, even something as small as flipping a light switch.

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    Qwerty is one of the Morlocks living underground in the tunnels of New York, she was a powerful precognitive who grew overwhelmed by her powers seeing so many pontentials of every decision she or others make that it resulted in her bieng stuck in a comatose state because her mind was so active it didn't notice her body.

    This resulted in her having to be fed and cleaned by the other Morlocks who meet only briefly. She saw M-Day coming and lost her powers then she finally stood up for herself and wrote dozens of prophecies on the wall finally succumbing to death while doing that, her friend Delphi copied her prophecies and wrote them in a book which resulted in many of The Morlocks to become devoted cultish pacifists while some under the leadership of Masque interpreted to do violent things. 


    The enigmatic mutant Qwerty is a Marvel comics character and was created by writer Ed Brubaker and artist Salvador Larroca. She first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #490 released in 2007. Qwerty is named after the keypad layout which typically has the letters Q, W, E, R, T and Y at the top row, arranged left to right.  

    Powers and Abilities

    Qwerty possessed powerful precognition, the extent of which was so powerful it had a debilitating effect on Qwerty.    

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