Location » Qurac appears in 88 issues.

    It is a fictional Middle Eastern country in the DC Universe.

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    Qurac is roughly located between Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait and the Persian Gulf and often used when a militant Arabic country is needed as a bad guy. Qurac is a poor country with few natural resources. In words of their president Marlo "some sacrifices are necessary for us to create marketable export".

    They consider criminals, dissidents, intellectuals, artists the sort of people who are expendable.

    Qurac had a strike-force originally known as The Jihad. Initially they were commanded to kill plenty people in Qurac airport besides attackin Air Force One. Afterwards, they faced off against the Suicide Squad and were later renamed Onslaught.

    Weapons (Toastmaster) designed by John Henry Irons were leaked by AmerTek Enterprises to Quraci rebels resulting in many civilian deaths.

    Superman has clashed with the country several times, crippling their military capabilities. (see Adventures of Superman #427)

    The assassin Cheshire detonated a nuclear warhead over the capital city, utterly destroying it and the fallout mutates many of the population (see Deathstroke the Terminator #19)

    Rick Flag was held in a Quraci prison and rescued by Bronze Tiger.

    Qurac has appeared in the show Young Justice and is used in Devin Grayson's novel Inheritance.


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