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    A Japanese woman with a fear of dirt, The Quiz had every power you hadn't thought of. She was a member of the first Brotherhood of Dada.

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    Born and raised in Japan, little else is known about the woman known as Quiz. It is also unknown how she acquired her powers. She attacked the Japanese superhero Sunburst for an unknown reason, and was defeated by him and put in a hospital.


    Quiz was created by Grant Morrison and Richard Case. She made her first appearance in Doom Patrol #26.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Painting That Ate Paris

    Rescued from the hospital by the members of the Brotherhood of Dada, Quiz agrees to join in exchange for a suit which will keep her safe from dirt. She joins the team in stealing the Painting That Ate Paris and using it to absorb all of Paris, themselves included. In the painting, she fights and defeats Rebis, who she traps in an escape-proof spirit jar. Later, she uses her powers to save Robotman's life, and joins the Doom Patrol and the Brotherhood in defeating the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse. She elects to remain behind in the painting alongside the other Brotherhood members.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Quiz has every power you've never thought of. Whenever a power is thought of, she loses it. This effect appears to be temporary, and she will presumably regain a power given enough time without anybody thinking about the power. It is unclear what the time limit or radius of power removal is, and whether the powers must be verbalized, or merely thought. She has displayed flight, reality manipulation, time manipulation, and shapeshifting, among other powers.

    Weapons and Equipment

    Quiz wears an apparently hermetically sealed suit which has been designed to keep dirt off of her, as she is severely mysophobic.


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