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    The Arrow that never misses its target! An Alternate Reality Darkwing Duck.

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    Note: this page is dedicated to the alternate Darkwing Duck, for the original regular universe Quiverwing, visit: Gosalyn Waddlemeyer's page


    The Tragic Story
    The Tragic Story

    In a similar universe an alternate Gosalyn worked as the caped crusader known as Quiverwing Quack. Unlike her regular universe counterpart, she continued to be Quiverwing along side a trench-coat wearing Darkwing. In a turn of events, tragically, Gosalyn made a sacrifice for the good of the people which killed her. The Darkwing of this universe decides to honor her by becoming the new Quiverwing Quack forever more.


    This alternate Darkwing was created for the new Darkwing Duck series by Ian Brill, his writer, and James Silvani, his artist.

    Major Arcs

    Crisis on Infinite Darkwings

    Recently, the diabolical duo of despicableness that are the Dimensional jumping villains Magica De Spell and NegaDuck capture Quiverwing and brainwash him for their evil plans.

    The two anarchists take Quiverwing to the normal Darkwing universe. He becomes the next Darkwing alternate to terrorize St. Canard (after Caveman Darkwing and Spaceman Darkwing) by shooting flaming arrows in the tires into the St. Canard Police's cars while they are in a car chase which Ammonia Pine. Unlike Caveman and Spaceman, he is unable to say that he is Darkwing, but the effect is the same.

    These attacks by the Darkwing-lookalikes force the police to put Dark on their number one most wanted list (and 2nd, 3rd, 4th what with the lack of crime). With the police and the citizens of St. canard against him, Darkwing tries to get his image up by figuring out who or what is upsetting the water. However, his attempts are stopped when the war of the Darkwings begins.

    After Darkwing (vanilla version) is in doubt about who he is, Morgana Mccawber transports him home to the Mallard Residence. However, even there he is not safe for Quiverwing seeks through the secret exit and attacks them. Morgana tries to dispatch the hypnotized hero, but Magica uses her magic and knocks her out. The two Darkwings fight, but Quiverwing is ultimately defeated by his own boomerang arrow.

    When he is knocked down, he sees pictures of Gosalyn and he remembers. Upon becoming un-hypnotized, he escapes. Darkwing helps Morgana and the two track down Magica and Negaduck. The fight of the finish is about to begin and the fate of this dimension will soon be determined.

    He defeated several alternate Darkwings, including: Dr. Who, Optimus Prime, simba and the Jonas Brothers, before facing Dark Warrior Duck (an ironic enemy as they both had to face the loss of Gosalyn, though they dealt with their sadness in different ways). After defeating him, Dark Warrior told him to "help [Darkwing Prime] have one of his last victories. Before HE loses HER." (a reference to Morgana McCawber's recent disappearance while fighting Duckthulhu)

    Later, he took Magica's talisman away, thereby loosing her control over the alternates. As her last action as Gosmoduck, Gosalyn saves Quiverwing and the rest of the group. He organizes the alternate Darkwings against Nega-paddy to delay him while Darkwing Prime gets Megavolt's Tronsplitter. He gives Morgana Magica's amulet, which she uses to trap Paddywhack (minus Negaduck) back into his box. Before leaving, he tells Gosalyn to "Be good, Gosalyn. Be Brilliant."

    F.O.W.L. Disposition

    After seeing what Quiverwing could do, Gosalyn Prime resurrects her Quiverwing personae alongside Honker (who is Arrow Kid) to fight F.O.W.L.

    Mayoral Arc

    In DW #16, there is a cameo of all of the major alternate darkwings in a review of the whole series illusion created by Suff-Rage. Quiverwing Duck was included in that group. This was not real of course.


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