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Quisp is a water sprite with magical abilities. He had the ability to survive underwater for extended periods of time. Despite his slender physique, his form was adapted to the pressures of the ocean depths. Making him stronger than the average surface human,though still weaker than the average Atlantean. He first allied with Aquaman against a trio of Fire Trolls. Subsequent adventures introduced his twin brother Quinch and archenemy Quirk. He was mostly phased out following the Crisis on Infinite Earths. He was reintroduced severely altered. Qwsp was now a creature of the 5th Dimension, sharing common origins and abilities with Mister Mxyzptlk and Thunderbolt/Yz. The adventures he shared with Aquaman were the result of a short stay on Earth. He had to return home eventually.

A few years later he visited Atlantis again to find his friend with more grim and violent than before. He decided to change his own personality and appearance to better match Aquaman. The process actually turned him into a malevolent being and manipulator. He manipulated Yz and Lkz into waging war against each other with Earth as their battleground. Unable to face him directly, Captain Marvel/William Batson and Green Lantern/Kyle Rayner traveled to the 5th Dimension and alerted the other residents. They were probably scared of the prospect of the Earth being destroyed. Since it was the favorite playground of Mister Mxyzptlk, the Earth was considered useful in keeping him away from them. They combined their powers to defeat Qwsp and had him imprisoned sentenced to "1 million infinities in an 8-dimensional maze" .

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