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Quislet, whose real name was an unpronounceable glyph, was a microscopic energy-being from the alternate dimension of Teall who flew around in a tiny spaceship. Hailing from a dimension of energy beings with a hive mind, Quislet broke the mold and loved to have fun in stark contrast to his serious brethren. The Teallian civilization had devoted all its resources into building a ship with which to explore reality; although Quislet was often referred to as "he" despite lacking gender, or indeed, physicality, he told the Legion that he was an explorer selected by his people, though the truth is that Quislet stole the ship and fled through an inter-dimensional portal.


Quislet created by Paul Levitz and Steve Lightle

Character Evolution

Bronze Age

Quislet (Bronze Age)
Quislet (Bronze Age)

He happened upon the Legion just as they were holding membership auditions, having already made contact with the Science Police. Quislet's power levels impressed the Legionnaires and he aided them in bringing in city bombers. Despite being a relative unknown, he was voted into the Legion of Super-Heroes alongside four others. Quislet enjoyed being a Legionnaire and in fact practically any activity on Earth. He could often be found flying around in clubs and causing mischief with his teammates. Quislet helped fellow Legionnaire Wildfire form a solid corporeal body, eliminating his need for a containment suit for a short time. The pair even journeyed to Teall together once when Quislet's people kidnapped him, attempting to destroy him for his individuality.

Retroboot / New Earth

Quislet (New Earth)
Quislet (New Earth)

Quislet and his ship later resurfaced as part of the post-Infinite Crisis continuity of Legionnaires. Since the Magic Wars, which took place after Quislet departed, are considered canon in that continuity, it is likely Quislet's ship was still destroyed but he was somehow able to return in an as-of-yet untold story.

Major Story Arcs

Bronze Age

Quislet Is Force Back To His Home Dimension

During a mission on Venegar, Quislet's ship was destroyed by the Emerald Empress. Unable to survive for extended periods of time in any material besides his ship, Quislet was forced to return to Teall and left the Legion. It was presumed he would be captured by his people and likely destroyed.

Powers & Abilities


Quislet was able to emerge from his ship and "possess" inanimate objects, reshaping them on a second-by-second basis and thereby bestowing upon them mobility; however, these objects would disintegrate after several minutes of "possession", a process which was only accelerated if he abandoned the object immediately. The only object not affected by this phenomenon was Quislet's ship, because it was not made from baryonic matter and hailed from his dimension of Teall. Due to his unique energy make-up, Quislet cannot survive outside the confines of his ship or other inanimate objects for long.

Other Versions

Other Media

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