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The feisty and attractive Quirk was under pressure to be more conservative with her lyrics which she refused to do. Sweet Dreams Security arrived with the intent of executing her so her messages could never get out. Quirk, resourcefully, managed to escape her fate and crossed paths with the Hulk.

Learning that the Hulk was actually a film producer for Lotusland Films called John Eisenhart, she insisted on standing by him while he grew accustom to his new mutation and sought redemption for being responsible for the mass murder of the Knights of Banner.

It wasn't long before the two began having some feelings for each other, something that John was afraid to admit to. After trying to distance himself from Quirk, in hopes that she would leave, he soon realised he needed her after the death of Gawain, a child and last surviving member of the Knights of Banner, who gave his life for John's.

After Draco attempted a hostile takeover of Lotusland Films, the staff revolted and a producer known as Angel Zamora took over managing the company. He sought out Quirk for a job producing music for films. When Zamora began getting close to Quirk and the Hulk witnessed them kissing it seemed to put an end to the relationship between Quirk and Hulk.

When the new president Doom arrived demanding gamma ray technology that the studio had, Quirk fell disillusioned with Zamora who had sold out to the President for the sake of securing the studio's safety from Draco. John Eisenhart later shot Zamora dead, presumably partly out of jealousy, when Zamora began to feel remorse for allying with Doom and John wished to prove his own alliance to the President.

Quirk was firmly against Doom's leadership and assembled a street-gang she had been kidnapped by in a previous encounter; the Human Tribe. After California became a warzone between the Hulk, Draco, the Golden One, Doctor Doom, Adonai, the Anti-Hulk, SHIELD, the Human Tribe and a gang called the L.A. Locusts. Hulk grabbed ahold of Quirk and the gamma ray technology that everyone seemed to be fighting for. The two were planning to run away together and live a blissful life as runaways after disposing of the gamma ray technology. However, as they made their escape, the Hulk and Quirk came across John's sister; Marian, lying battered and beaten by the Locusts. The encounter slowed the duo down as the Hulk debated whether to leave her or not. Ultimately deciding to take her with them, the trio again started making their way across the state. Unfortunately, the gamma ray technology detonated before they escaped. Irradiating California, destroying the city and killed the entire population; except for the Hulk. Quirk died instantly.


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