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    Character » Quincy Harker appears in 88 issues.

    A Vampire Hunter in the Marvel Universe, he was associated with the Dracula Hunters.

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    Quincy Harker's parents Jonathan and Mina Harker were married after the conflict with Dracula. Quincy was born soon after and giving the name after his parents fallen friend as a sign of respect. Quincy was tutored by family friend Abraham Van Helsing in vampire lore and vampire hunting in case Dracula would rise again and seek revenge against his enemies. Abraham worse fears came to be, when Dracula resurrected once again and took revenge on Quincy's father and years later Abraham himself.

    Dracula is constantly being resurrected by the Cult of the Darkholders and Satanist rituals made it almost impossible for Quincy to fight the Lord of Vampires by himself. So he started making a network of vampire hunters all over the world, thus becoming Dracula’s newest arch enemy and even surpassing his mentor Abraham as Dracula’s deadliest enemy.

    Quincy would soon fall in love, and married his wife Elizabeth. This was the vulnerability in Quincy that Dracula was waiting for. Dracula who was tired of being hunted from Quincy’s network of vampire hunters decided to use Quincy weakness of love for wife to his advantage. While Quincy and his wife Elizabeth were attending an opera they were attacked on the balcony by Dracula himself. Quincy tried to save his wife from the lord of Vampire's clutches with a cross, but to no avail. Dracula managed to get a hold of Quincy and threw him off the balcony. Quincy who became crippled from this act, found his wife two days later and half drained of blood. After several months of recovery and blood transfusions Elizabeth became healthy physically, but mentally unstable from the horror of Dracula’s torture.

    Quincy and Elizabeth soon had a child and named her Edith. Elizabeth who was still suffering nightmares from her encounter with Dracula would eventually commit suicide with a butchers knife to end her suffering when their daughter was just four years old. This brought sorrow to Quincy who was left to care for his daughter by himself.

    Quincy who was now crippled could no longer hunt vampires and relied on his network of vampire hunters to do the hunting for him. Being at the dawn of technological advances, Quincy used these advanced methods and traps which allowed his network to hunt more effective. Quincy even updated his wheelchairs with some of these advances.

    Character Creation

    Quincy Harker was first mentioned in Bram Stoker 's classic novel, "Dracula" in 1897. He was named after the Texas born Quincy Morris who lost his life from one of several Gypsies protecting Dracula from Quincy, Jonathon Harker, James Seward, and Abraham Van Helsing. Jonathan and Mina Harker decided to name their son after their fallen friend.

    In 1973 writer Marv Wolfman and artist Gene Colon resurrected Quincy in, " Tomb Of Dracula" from Marvel Comics where he first appeared in issue 1 of the series.

    In 1997 Stoker's great grand-nephew Darce and Ian Holt wrote a continuation of the classic novel in which Quincy played a major role in, "Dracula, The Un-Dead".

    Major Story Arcs

    Birth of the Dracula Hunters

     Quincy and his Teammates
    Quincy and his Teammates

    Young Rachel Van Helsing at a young age witnessed Dracula killing her parents as a revenge tactic against the families heritage. Quincy took Rachel into his home and gave her family and protection. At least till her 16th birthday arrived. In which Dracula hypnotized Rachel and she left the mansion and into Dracula’s arms. Quincy quickly shot poisonous wooden darts from his wheelchair arsenal, before Dracula quenched his thirst on poor young Rachel.

    Rachel would soon become Quincy’s protégé as he was to her grandfather in vampire hunting. Years went by, and Quincy’s network of vampire hunters suffered terrible losses. So much that there was only a handful left. Now it was just Rachel, Taj Nital, and ally Inspector Chelm. This was until Rachel came across Frank Drake, who was about to commit suicide, and was a descendent of Dracula himself. Frank joined the hunters for taking the lives of his fiancée and long time friend away from him. Two more allies would soon follow, Blade and Hannibal King.

    Dracula’s Revenge

    Dracula was about to take a victim, until the Dracula Hunters arrived. Somehow during the commotion Dracula manages to kidnap Edith. Dracula tells Quincy that he will get in touch with him at midnight with the location of his daughter, and if he does not show he would never see her again. The Dracula Hunters along with Blade enter the location that Dracula distend, it is called “Whispering Hell”. An old haunted house in folklore the group is attacked by bats and tarantulas. Eventually, Edith is revealed to be a vampire. She begs her father and friends to kill her before her need to feed starts. Quincy does the hardest thing he ever had to do. He shoved a wooden stake into his daughter’s heart.

    Quincy and his Dracula Hunters now pressed harder on Dracula. So much so that his legion of vampires question his leadership. This led to a power struggle between Dracula and one of his generals. Dracula manages to kill the vampire and returns as the Lord of Vampires. Weak after the power struggle Dracula returns to his castle only to be confronted by Quincy. During this epic battle Quincy sets his wheelchair to self destruct and leaps toward Dracula. Quincy sacrificed himself to rid the world of Dracula.

    Quincy's Legacy

    It is revealed later, that Dracula survived and eventually turned his protégé Rachel into a vampire. Luckily the X-men intervened and gave Rachel her final rest as Dracula was once again forced to flee the scene. Quincy’s legacy will live on in the hearts of the survivors he saved and with the friends that he touched. What Harker and others main problem was, how can you kill something as dangerous as Dracula when they keep coming back?

    Powers and Abilities


    None known except for a man his age and in his condition. A smart and calculating man however.


    Quincy Harker and Rachel van Helsing, his protege, were the world's leading authorities on vampirism. Harker was a cunning strategist in vampire hunting, and he was unsurpassed as an inventor of weaponry to be used against vampires.

    Strength level



    None known.

    Other Media

    Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned

    Quincy in the animated Tomb of Dracula Movie
    Quincy in the animated Tomb of Dracula Movie

    Quincy stars in the animated Dracula film, based on the Tomb of Dracula comic book series from Marvel Comics.


    Equipment: None known.

    Transportation: None known.

    Weapons: Quincy Harker devised an array of anti-vampire weaponry too various to be listed here fully. His wheelchair was equipped for firing wooden darts coated with poison. A vampire could be caused pain by wood penetrating his skin, and could be killed if wood impaled his heart. Even if the darts missed the vampire's heart, the poison could weaken the vampire as it penetrated his bloodstream. Harker's wheelchair even contained radar equipment to guide the dart firing mechanisms. Among Harker s other weapons was a tube that fired a net attached to weights filled with garlic (to which vampires have a strong aversion) for entrapping vampires who had assumed the form of bats. The garlic was intended to prevent the vampires from transforming into mist to escape the net. In his later years, Quincy Harker kept a loyal German shepherd named Saint, who would attack even a vampire upon Harker's command. Saint's leather collar was studded with silver crosses to protect him from vampires.


    • Quincy was named after the American adventurer, Quincy Morris. He was an associate of Quincy's father, Jonathan Harker, as well as aging professor, Abraham van Helsing. Quincy Morris sacrificed his life in an effort to slay Dracula in 1897.

    • Quincy's wife was once referred to as Sonya, but her true name is Elizabeth.

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