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Quill was a member of the Resistants, a terrorist organization combating anti-mutant organizations, such as those that support the Mutant Registration Act. His resistance to this legislation brought him against the likes of Captain America Captain America and Battlestar.


Quill was created by Mark Gruenwald and Kieron Dwyer in 1988 and first appeared in Captain America #343. An unregistered mutant, the young man who would become known as Quill fled from government officers, afraid of incarceration or even execution (it is unknown whether he used his powers to commit a serious crime that would warrant such a punishment or if he was just paranoid). Captain America and his partner, Battlestar, interceded and helped government agents apprehend Quill. He claimed he was not a mutant, but received his powers from an accident. Nonetheless, members of the Resistants attacked the helicopter transporting Quill, and after a battle with the two heroes, escaped with the mutant prisoner.

Major Story Arcs

Acts of Vengeance

Quill would be one of many superpowered criminals that attack the Fantastic Four during the Acts of Vengeance. Quill disguises himself in a trench coat and hat as members of the Fantastic Four testify in front of Congress. Quill and Plantman remove their coats and head for the Fantastic Four but the two villains run into each other. Plantman's body is littered with quills while Quill is tangled up by a turbo charged vine. The two buffoons are handcuffed and taken into custody by the police. Mr. Fantastic would later discover that Dr. Doom was using an aggression enhancer device on the villains sent to destroy the Fantastic Four. After the core villains behind the Acts of Vengeance were thwarted, Quill was sent to the Vault alongside other captured villains.


When the Scarlet Witch removed 90-98% of the mutant population's powers through a magical spell during M-Day, Quill was one of many to lose their powers.

Powers and Abilities

Quill was a mutant who could project razor-sharp quills from his body. He, along with the other Resistants, wore helmets that allowed them to communicate with one another.


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