Quilge Opie

    Character » Quilge Opie appears in 6 issues.

    The sadistic First Jagdarmee of the Vandenreich

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    Quilge Opie is the leader of the Jagdarmee, the Hunting Squad of the Vandenreich. They’re a military corps with the specific mission to find and capture the remaining Arrancars in Hueco Mundo, so that they can find the most skilled and use them as foot soldiers in the Vandenreich war against the Soul Society.

    During this time, Quilge came into conflict with Ichigo and his friends, plus the resistance movement of Hueco Mundo, the three former fracciòn of Tia Harribel: Apacci, Mila Rose and Sung-Sun. He demonstrated to be a fearful adversary for all of them, surviving grievous injuries while almost completing wiping out the enemy party.

    Both a sadist and a maniac with a taste for theatrics, Quilge’s battle name, bestowed by Emperor Juha Bach himself, is “The Jail”. It comes from his ability to manipulate energy in a way that allows him to construct unbreakable cages in which to close his enemies in and the power to seal passages troughs dimensions. He manages to do this to Ichigo, stopping him the middle of the path between the Soul Society and Hueco Mundo.


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