Quiet Bill

    Character » Quiet Bill appears in 37 issues.

    Quiet Bill is a mutant who can open portals between dimensions.

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    Quiet Bill was found by Gambit when he was living as a homeless man in Onslaught Alley in Manhattan near the site where the X-Men, the Fantastic Four and the Avengers sacrificed themselves a while ago to defeat the psychic entity named Onslaught.

    When Gambit was fighting the Mengo Brothers, Stanislaus and Grigori, he asked Quiet Bill to help him out. Quiet Bill later again helped the Thieves Guild when he was the target of assassins that were working for the mysterious New Son. Discovering his power amazing power, New Son kidnapped Quiet Bill to travel to alternate dimensions for his own personal gain .

    Quiet Bill was rescued by Gambit but during the process, Quiet Bill's best friend got killed. To make up for the loss Gambit invited Quiet Bill to join the Unified Guilds in New Orleans. Quiet Bill accepted the offer.

    it is unknown what happened to Quiet Bill afterward. Until years later, Quiet Bill was presumed to be one of the still powered mutants after M-Day. He was seen trying to reach the guilds by phone in New Orleans, but Quiet Bill was killed by the Marauder Riptide for the reason that his power would be threat to Mr. Sinister's Plan.


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