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The true name and origin of Quickwire is unknown. What is known is that Quickwire was and current is a skilled acrobat who homed his skills so well that he moves at an incredible rate. He wears a suit made out of a rubber like substance that causes him to bounce and move even faster. He first showed up stealing an experimental steroid from Midtown Hospital where May Parker was visiting her friend Courtney who was still recovering from her car accident. May went to Felicity Hardy and had her help her track Quickwire to another medical firm that was researching the steroid. Despite both the powers of Spider-girl and the Scarlet Spider, Quickwire proved more then a match for the two. He would of made an escape if Meagyn Brady wouldn't of shown up and got in his path causing him to run into a parked car. He was then taken by the police for his recenty thefts. Quickwire was recently put on a group of former and current villains including: Bigman, Raptor and Mr. Nobody for the mayor's office on some undercover mission to take down the Black Tarantula. Following the failure of the mission, Raptor was given a pardon for her crimes while Bigman, Kaine and Quickwire remained with the FBI's new team.    

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