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    A supernatural entity and member of the Trinity of Sin, cursed to wander the Earth tormented by the mystery of his own identity

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    This article is about the New 52 Question. For the first person to use the name Question, see Vic Sage. For the second Question, see Renee Montoya.


    Almost nothing is known about the Question or his origin. At some point, probably in the distant past, an unnamed person of unclear origin committed some unknown crime or crimes, apparently the worst of any crimes any being has ever committed. For this, and his ultimate refusal to repent before the Council of Eternity, he was sentenced to wander the Earth forever with neither face nor memory to provide any indication of his transgressions. He travels, lost and tormented by the ultimate question: who am I?


    The Question was created by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis, making his first appearance in The New 52 FCBD Special Edition #1. This character was split from the original Question, who was created by Steve Ditko, and made his first appearance in Blue Beetle #1.

    Character Evolution


    The Question was originally the superhero alter ego of Vic Sage. Following Flashpoint, Question became an independent entity with a separate history.

    Major Story Arcs

    Trinity War

    The Question approaches the imprisoned Superman and informs him that he was not, in fact responsible for the death of Doctor Light. He claims that Dr Psycho, who was present in Kahndaq at the time, may have been responsible. At his urging, Superman breaks out of containment, and they, together with several Justice League and Justice League of America members, search for and find Psycho. The villain denies involvement, and the group returns to ARGUS just in time for a massive explosion set by the Secret Society. He travels with the various Leagues to a temple near Athens where many other villains are fighting over Pandora's Box. He asks Pandora if opening the Box will finally answer his questions, but he is unable to take possession of the Box before The Outsider opens it, bringing the Crime Syndicate into the universe.

    Forever Evil

    Escaping the aftermath of the Crime Syndicate's arrival, Question returns to Hub City, where he is attacked by the Phantom Stranger. The pair fight, and Question transports them to the Mount of Olives, the site of the Stranger's great betrayal. He is nearly able to convince the Stranger to take his own life with the Spear of Inquisition, but is stopped by Zauriel, and vanishes. However, he is forcibly called to what appears to be the Rock of Eternity, where he and the other members of the Trinity of Sin are chained before John Constantine, Swamp Thing, and Nightmare Nurse. They manage to escape their bonds, and Question vanishes from the House of Mystery before Constantine can convince him to join their cause.

    The Wages of Sin

    Hidden away in an apparently ordinary life, Question is confronted by Ya'aka, a monster under the control of Nimraa. The monster kills his landlady, and attacks him, but he is pulled from the battle by his mystical bond with Pandora and the Stranger, who are also under attack. Angered, he disappears from the scene and returns to give his landlady a proper burial. However, Nimraa lures him to her side and uses him and the others to return Dark Earth to reality. The three briefly manage to escape, but are soon captured again. Question is held and tormented for some time before Pandora is able to rescue him. He joins the group in attempting to recover the Redemption Box, but, broken by his torture, he betrays them to Nimraa. Drawn into the Redemption Box with the others, he is the first to escape their bonds, as he is the only member of the group to doubt that he deserves punishment, and is able to rescue the others by gifting them with his doubt. He agrees to leave the Box along with the others, and joins in the confrontation with Queen Venna. He accepts the need to absorb all of the darkness of Dark Earth, and does so along with Pandora and the Stranger. When they have saved the world he attacks the others, apparently betraying them, but actually taking on their share of the darkness and sin.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Question appears to be a being of vast and largely unexplored supernatural power. He is functionally immortal, though it appears theoretically possible to kill him. He has shown the ability to teleport himself and others with apparently no limit regarding distance. He possesses an unexplained mental ability with which he can destabilize the minds of others by asking pointed questions; he may also possess a limited psychic ability. He is able to shapeshift or to project illusions around himself, allowing him to appear to be any person he wishes. He is completely faceless, but still capable of unimpeded sight and speech. He is a skilled fighter and detective.

    Weapons and Equipment

    The Question wields the Spear of Inquisition, a staff weapon with a blade at the end forged by his own hand from the Spear of Destiny. He is able to manifest this spear from an unknown location.


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