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Pipeline Of Crime

From the pages of Detective Comics, this trade is comprised of the back-up stories told in that series involving Renee Montoya; The Question. Greg Rucka was known for his work with the character of Renee Montoya during not only the DC event 52, but The Question: The Five Books Of Blood as well as Final Crisis: Revelations. Even with those prominent appearances, I sort of feel as if Rucka's work on the transformation of Renee Montoya to The Question has sort of went under-appreciated. Her storyline was one of my favorites during 52. That's when my love for the character first manifested. Since then I've been on the lookout for anything involving her. So I had somewhat high expectations for this book because it not only features The Question, but it's also written by one of my favorite writers; Greg Rucka. 

The story begins by The Question taking a job which requires her to find a mans sister who went missing. The guy suspects foul play and informs Renee of all the details. She investigates and finds out things are much worse than she had foreseen. Not only does this case involve just the one woman, but a bunch other women as well. In the course of her investigation, she finds out a great deal of human trafficking is occurring which forces her to enlist the help of Huntress. The two set out to put an end to this which takes them all around the globe. The two receive help from Oracle at one point and eventually cross paths with Vandal Savage. 

The artwork is by Cully Hamner who is paired with colorists Laura Martin and Dave McCaig. All three are renowned comic artists well known for their work in the industry. I know a lot of people love Cully Hamner's work. I don't dislike him, but I don't consider him one of my favorites. His work is pretty solid here though. I don't think many people will have an issue with the art.

This is definitely an action-packed comic certainly worth the read for all Renee Montoya fans out there. While I admit, it isn't the best story to feature her, it's still a lot of fun and should be added to the collection. It's unfortunate DC doesn't do more with her. It's a waste of potential if you ask me.  

Rating: 4/5

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