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Reges Questar was universally known as a superhero of the spaceways. Numerous alien worlds could recount his tales of courage and heroics. He was beloved in many galaxies and was even looked up to by several members of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Superboy and the Legion travel to distant Zentor when it is announced that a celebration ceremony honoring Questar is being held. They travel there in the hopes of meeting him in person. After everyone has arrived and the populace are about to award Questar, a huge monster attacks the gathering and everyone looks to Questar to protect them.

The only problem was, all of Questar's adventures were pure fiction. Reges was a writer who began spinning tales of his adventures without actually doing any of them. He tales were so wildly popular that every sentient race who read them thought them to be true. Questar didn't correct them because he loved to be adored as a hero across the cosmos, instead of the coward he believed himself to be.

The Legion of Super-Heroes ends up defeating the monster and teach Questar the true meaning of being a hero.

The legendary figure, Questar, is regarded as the "King Of Heroes", by the inhabitants of the planet, Zentor. Questar's adventures have been recorded and collected into a series of holographic tapes, enjoyed throughout the universe. The legends of Questar's heroic deeds, however, prove to be fraudulent. In truth, Questar is merely a writer, one who has imagined Questar's adventures, then recorded them straight from his dreams. At a ceremony in his honor, on Zentor, attended by three members of the Legion of Super-Heroes, a sudden crisis forces Questar to come clean about his exploits. While he does, in fact, possess great powers, Questar is too cowardly to use them in a real crisis.. Superboy resolves the situation, using maneuvers he learned from watching Questar's tapes. While Questar, himself, is proven to be a hero with feet of clay, the "Legend of Questar" is still considered to be of merit, as a source for inspiration.

There is some difficulty in determining the full range of Questar's powers. On tape, he is shown to possess super-human strength and the ability to project beams of force from his hands. These abilities, however, may be entirely fictional. Of certainty is Questar's ability to fly, as he is seen descending from the sky, to attend the ceremony in his honor. Questar also possess the ability to teleport objects over great distances, an ability he also demonstrates at the ceremony. Questar's costume is extremely similar to Superman's, leaving one to wonder if Questar, whose deeds have served as inspiration to so many in the 30th century, drew his inspiration from the adventures of the greatest hero of the 20th century, as did the Legion.


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