Quentin Lance

    Character » Quentin Lance appears in 25 issues.

    The Starling City police captain in the Arrow Television series universe, who is a prominent ally of the Arrow, and father to Laurel and Sara Lance.

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    Season 1

    Quentin Lance is the father of Laurel Lance and Sarah Lance, ex-husband of Dinah Lance and at the commencement of Arrow; a detective at Starling City Police Department. He has a vendetta against 'The Hood' as well as Oliver Queen. He blames Oliver Queen for the death of his daughter Sarah Lance who was on the boat with him since she was having an affair with him when the boat was destroyed in a storm.This also causes a downward spiral for him and his wife leaves him and he becomes more dependent on alcohol, as Laurel is seen bringing him home from the bar, already know by the proprietor who called her.

    Despite this he is willing to use his own daughter; Laurel to try and entrap the Hood and nearly causes her death causing friction between the pair, Laurel needing time apart from her father to think about what she wants between herself and her father. However this all comes to a head when this causes Cyrus Vanch to find out The Hood's perchance for saving Laurel and kidnaps her. Quentin and The Hood team up to save Laurel and he ends up having to stop Quentin from murdering Cyrus out of pure rage at endangering his daughter, however this doesn't stop his dislike of The Hood, at least for now.

    At one point he also reunites with his ex wife Dinah, who returns to town and initially he refuses to see her, but when he does he founds out she's in town that she is there because she has leads on the fact that Sarah; their daughter may still be alive. However this proves not the case with the lead falling through, Dinah leaves town shortly after that.

    After a time of estrangement Laurel and Quentin come to a shaky understanding and he comforts her after the death of Tommy Merlyn who dies to protect her when his father; Malcolm Merlyn unleashes the Markov Device on the Glades, causing it's destruction. This is also the point in time where Quentin realizes 'The Hood' isn't as bad as he thinks he is and stops his vendetta against him. However during this time he is also demoted twice from a detective to a sergeant and then finally to a beat cop.


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