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Review: Queen Sonja #12

Queen Sonja recounts an episode from her past where she fell in with a thieves’ guild - - and also fell in love with her mentor.

The Good

Lieberman strikes a deft balance in this young Sonja’s portrayal. You’ll find a heroine here who’s at once humble enough to accept guidance from these rogues, but still possessed of the same defiant will she’s famous for. This arc’s looking to be a tale of her first love (and her first lost love?) and it similarly keeps the romantic stuff terse without feeling clipped, and tender without feeling over-wrought.

The Bad

Often, what seem to be high-contrast photos are used for the backgrounds and scenery instead of fully-rendered linework. I can appreciate this as a time-saver, but it still was pretty noticeable, as the lines on the figures frequently didn’t jibe with that of their surroundings.

The Verdict –3.5/5

I’m a huge fan of Conan - - from the movies to the comics and all the way back to the original Robert E. Howard stories - -   but I’ve never actually gotten into any Red Sonja stories before this. Though the series is pretty far along, it’s still quite accessible to neophyte who’s never crossed paths with this warrior woman before. And the Howard fan is going to appreciate how firmly ensconced this in a legitimate Hyberborean era.

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