Queen Shrike

    Character » Queen Shrike appears in 8 issues.

    Queen Taramka is Queen of Hawkworld and an ally of Hath-Set.

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    Queen Shrike is the queen of Hawkworld for over two thousand years. She is allied with Hath-Set, and after capturing Hawkgirl, she reveals that she is the mother of Princess Chay-Ara of Egypt. She kills Hath-Set with her legs. The entity of The Star Sapphires, The Predator takes over the queen. It states to Hawkman and Hawkgirl that this is their last incarnation. The Hawks seperate the queen from the entity, then the skeletons from their past incarnations come alive to take the queen to another dimension.

    Powers and Abilities

    Queen Shrike was capable of flight due to her wings and because of her prolonged exposure to the Nth metal that was present in the Hawkworld, she was capable of controlling anything that contained even traces amount of the metal in it, from Hawkman's mace, to Hawkman and Hawkgirl's bodies who had absorbed enough Nth metal in the them.

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