Queen of the Field Mice

    Character » Queen of the Field Mice appears in 26 issues.

    A pretty little gray mouse who rules thousands of Field Mice in the Land of Oz.

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    Like most animals in the Land of Oz, the field mice can talk.  They have developed a society dependant on a Monarchy.   The Queen of the Field Mice is a friendly & courteous mouse.   Her kingdom seems to span over many areas of Oz.

    Saviour In The Poppy Field

    When Dorothy Gale & her friends had been diverted from the Yellow Brick Road, they were forced to take a short-cut across a field of poppies.  However, the pollen from the poppies would send anyone who smelt them to sleep.  Therefore, Dorothy, Toto & the Cowardly Lion fell asleep in the middle of the field.  Since they didn't need to breath, the Scarecrow & Tin Woodsman tried to help, but they couldn't carry the Cowardly Lion.   
    That was when the Queen of the Field Mice appeared to them.  At first she was wary of helping a Big Cat, since cats were the natural predators of mice.  However, upon the assurance of the others, the Queen agreed to help.  Her mischief of field mice scurried through the fields where they collected the sleeping friends and carried them back out of the field.  They were laid on the yellow brick road to wake naturally. 
    Afterwards, the Queen of the Field Mice assured Dorothy that she would always be her ally.  Should Dorothy need her help again, then all she had to do was ask. 

    Second Appearance

    It came to pass that Dorothy did need to call upon the Queen of the Field Mice again.  After Dorothy had accidentally killed the Wickedest Witch of the West, she & her friends were travelling back to the Emerald City.  However, they were terribly lost.  Remembering the Queen of the Field Mice's kind offer, Dorothy called for help.  Almost immediately, the Queen of the Field Mice & her mischief appeared.  She was happy to see Dorothy again, and offered directions.

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