Queen of Spades

    Character » Queen of Spades appears in 71 issues.

    She is a Wonderland entity that was born from the Shadow of the Jabberwocky. The Queen of Spades has the power to control the shadows and leads her own army of Spade soldiers. She prides herself on her ability to manipulate others as she plans on taking over all of Wonderland.

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    Alone, the Jabberwocky sought for company in the realm of dreams. Seeing a sky whale, the Jabberwocky took the sacred, ancient being down and ate it. The death of a sky whale shook the realm to its very foundations and resulted in the birth of the Queen of Spades.

    Character Evolution

    The character thus far has been portrayed somewhat consistently, though she has shown some tendencies towards both good and evil.

    Major Story Arcs

    The character's first major appearance was as a background character in the series Alice in Wonderland. As Alice tries to make her way through Wonderland various evil entities try to use her for their own aspirations to power. The Queen of Spades is among these but unlike the others she actually aids Alice as she sees this benefiting herself better in the long run. As Alice is finally ready to escape Wonderland she sees the chaos that the Queen of Spades has helped let loose on the Liddle family.

    The Queen's next appearance is in Call of Wonderland when she poses as a librarian and gives a book to Julie Sands. She also appears in the central book of Grimm Fairy Tales as well as it offshoot Bad Girls.

    Powers and Abilities

    Like all of the evil entities in Wonderland, the Queen of Spades has massive amounts of magical power. She is often seen using this power to manipulate shadows.


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