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She and her species originated as aliens whose name translates roughly to "The hunter/gatherers" they hunted dinosaurs into extinction and caused the ice age on an earlier Earth, but later regretted their decisions and began to help humans advance, adapting to earth and living amongst the humans, even inter-breeding with them.

The Hunter/gatherers were eventually conquered by another race of aliens, who quickly turned their sights on Earth. The humans and their alien allies fended them off, and afterward, the hunter/gatherers took to the seas, inhabiting an old abandoned city of Atlantis. They merged with the Manta and became as they are now.

She is only know as the Queen of Hy-brasil and continues to be so, and no name has been given her.

Powers and Abilities

Her kind has been shown to have very sharp claws and super strength. They can also swim very quickly through water.


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