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    A mad and mercurial resident of Wonderland, that was once two separate young girls. She leads a large army in the Wonderland realm. Like all denizens of Wonderland she is ageless and gains increased healing abilities while in Wonderland. The Queen of Hearts bears two equally insane and incredibly emotionally volatile halves (upper and beautiful and lower and ugly)

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    Julia and Bethany
    Julia and Bethany

    One day (circa 1860) Julia and Bethany traveled to the Allen family home in Hampshire, England for a visit with their friend William. There the children began a game of hide and seek. While hiding in the basement Julia and Bethany began to quarrel over William and accidentally fell through the mirror and into Wonderland.

    In Wonderland, frightened by the approach of the Jabberwocky, the sisters forgot their quarrel and clung to each other. They formed a bond of love that the Jabberwocky was unable to comprehend. So strong was this bond that Wonderland could not break it. Instead, their love was twisted. They became physically fused into one conjoined being: The Queen of Hearts.

    Major Story Arcs

    Less than an hour after the sisters (Julia and Bethany) traveled to Wonderland and became the Queen of Hearts, their mutual infatuation William arrived. Stemming from this infatuation, Wonderland transformed William into King of Hearts. Some time later Elizabeth Allen, William's mother, arrived in Wonderland to remind him of his life before Wonderland. For this crime the Queen of Hearts sentenced Elizabeth to eternal imprisonment and made a life long enemy.

    Shortly after the arrival of the first Mad Hatter, the Queen's scouts discover two people (John and Lily) living on the beach. She has then captured and imprisoned. After many years of torture John-- formerly known as Jack the Ripper before coming to Wonderland-- escaped his bonds just in time to observe his beloved Lily brutalized and transformed by the Jabberwocky while the Queen of Hearts looked on. John then retreated into the forest and swore vengeance, embracing the Mad Hatter role. Back at the castle the Queen discovered the Hatter's escape and predicts his coming revenge.

    When Calie Liddle arrived at the castle in Wonderland-- over a century later during the events of Return to Wonderland-- the Queen's guards falsely accused her of painting the Queen's white roses red. The Queen of Hearts saw through their lies and absolved Calie, punishing the guards with death instead. Immediately after, the Queen invited Calie to play croquet. Because of Calie's superior play, the Queen became irate and accused her of cheating. For this imagined slight, the Queen sentenced Calie to a violent execution, remarking how Calie reminded her of a girl that had come there previously (Alice). Before the execution can come to pass, the Queen and all her card guards were ambushed by the monstrous Cheshire Cat. Many guards are killed, as is the beautiful and dominant top half of the Queen of Hearts (Julia) -- though in Wonderland fashion, the deaths are temporary. The ugly lower half of the Queen (Bethany), outraged at the death of her sister, ordered a large contingency of card guards to kill the Cheshire Cat. Cheshire fell, though at the hands of Lacie, after all the guards had been defeated.

    Queen of Hearts free at last.
    Queen of Hearts free at last.

    In Beyond Wonderland, the Queen murderously commandeered a house of mirrors in New York City. This ploy she used to lure children in and draw them into Wonderland, trapping them there at the behest of the Jabberwocky. Later, she aids in the kidnapping of infant Violet Liddle (daughter of Calie).

    During Escape from Wonderland, the Queen's card soldiers were released from Wonderland. For this short duration she lead her small band on a slaughter through the real world. When the portal to Wonderland closed she was trapped in the mortal world, where she ominously passed off the Mad Hatter's 10/6 top hat to a young boy at her carnival.


    Like all denizens of Wonderland she is ageless and gains increased healing abilities while in Wonderland.


    The Queen of Hearts bears two equally insane and incredibly emotionally volatile halves (upper and beautiful and lower and ugly). Her temper is literally murderous. For the smallest slights (real or imagined) she sentences offenders to vicious and sadistic deaths. She holds herself as the Queen of Wonderland, only obeying the Jabberwocky. She has a perverse attachment to and affection for The Suicide King.


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