Queen Of Fables

    Character » Queen Of Fables appears in 40 issues.

    The Queen of Fables is an exile from her dimension with the power to bring fairy tale characters to life as her personal army. She is an enemy of the Justice League.

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    Centuries ago, the Queen of Fables arrived on Earth as an exile from another dimension. Possessed of vast magical power, she carved out an empire for herself and met defeat at the hands of the virtuous princess Snow White. Imprisoned within a storybook until the dawn of the 21st century, the Queen of Fables escaped to sow chaos in New York City by conjuring various ogres, witches, and goblins.

    The Justice League of America clashed with the Queen of Fables when she attacked Wonder Woman, believing the amazon to be her old nemesis Snow White. With her unique brand of sorcery, the Queen drew the Leaguers into the realm of fairy tales, where they faced the worst monstrosities of the imagination. She even transformed Manhattan island into an enchanted forest festooned with hanging moss and creeping ivy.

    Eventually, Wonder Woman used her lasso to defeat the Queen of Fables, forcing the Queen to confront the truth of her own mortality. She is now imprisoned inside a new book - the United States Tax Code. Within its dry, literal pages, the Queen of Fables is unlikely to find any magical elements she can use to escape.

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