Queen of Diamonds

    Character » Queen of Diamonds appears in 21 issues.

    Former church girl Adina who got sacrificed to Wonderland. She survived the experience, but was killed by the Mad Hatter. Keres revived her as the Queen of Diamonds.

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    Adina was the rebellious daughter of a liturgist who sacrificed her and her friends to the Jabberwocky after they witnessed an occult ceremony. She survived her initial arrival in Wonderland, escaping the Cheshire Cat even when her friends did not, only to be snagged in the web of the spider-snake. Johnny Liddle rescues her and they flee the creature together. Following the promise of the Ebony Blade, Johnny and Adina follow its instructions to escape Wonderland.

    Their travels bring them to the Queen of Hearts' castle where they encounter the Red Queen and her son, the King of Hearts. The next clue, from the "crazy gavel bird", leads them to the Forest of Signs. The Ebony Blade urges them to eat the fruit of the Black Tree, and once they do they get sucked into the fruit's pit and spat out in front of Keres' castle. Adina waits for Johnny to return from his private chat with Keres toting a looking glass.

    The pair is welcomed by the people of Remington for giving them the news of the Queen of Hearts's disappearance. Their welcome wears out when Johnny is discovered by the Duchess to have killed one of her newborn pigs to anoint the looking glass leading her husband, Carl, to attack Adina. Carl tosses Adina across the yard where she lands unconscious and bleeding on the cobblestones, where Johnny sees her. Thinking her dead, Johnny snaps and slaughters the entire village. Adina wakes up and Johnny claims a monster killed the townspeople but he managed to fight it off. She believes him and they flee Remington for their next stop in escaping Wonderland.

    Johnny goes into the cave alone to place the card on the altar where the Jabberwocky's illusions drive him mad. Thinking he's killing his uncle Drake, Johnny stabs Adina who had followed him into the cave when he didn't return. With Adina now dead at his feet Johnny embraces his destiny as the Mad Hatter and heads off the get revenge agains his sister for sending him to Wonderland in the first place.

    Adina's body vanishes from the Jabberwocky's cave in a cloud of smoke and reappears back in Keres's castle where Keres and the Queen of Spades are waiting. Using her magic, Keres revives Adina as the Queen of Diamonds. As Adina awakens the Queen of Spades proclaims, "The four have risen again! We are a complete suit... and that suit shall sweep through this land with vengeance."

    She became the lover of the Queen of Clubs. After their battle against the Queen of Spades, she and the Queen of Clubs retreated to Los Angeles, California, finally free from the madness of Wonderland.


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