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When she was human (A nice sight to see also)
When she was human (A nice sight to see also)

When Sarah Kerrigan was very young she was drafted into the Confederate Ghost Program where she would lose her chance of having a normal life. The Confederacy implanted her with neural dampeners so her psychic power would lessen and be more controllable for the Confederates. During her time as a confederate ghost she was forced to killed hundreds of people.

Later in her life she would be saved by a Rebel leader called Arcturus Mengsk who found her on a remote outpost where she was being experimented on by confederate scientists. She willingly joined his resistance group called Sons of Korhal where her combat skills would help his cause greatly in taking down the Terran Confederacy.

Later still, Mengsk became power hungry and abandoned Sarah on the world, Tarsonis, which was infected by the Zerg. This would mark the end of her human part and begin her current role as a Zerg hybrid.

From Human to Zerg

Her Hybrid form
Her Hybrid form

The Creature that decided to keep Kerrigan and use her great power was none other then the Overmind the Ruler of all Zerg(now dead). The Overmind found out about her high psychic power and so the Overmind intergrated her into the collective of the Zerg Swarm. With her body infused with Zerg DNA her powers were augmented and her doorment powers were released which made her lead many victories for the Zerg. In her time as the one of the Overminds commnaders she was planning for power over the swarm this would be soon realised when the Overmind was killed by the Protoss Tassadar on the planet Aiur. She then manipulates the Broods of the overmind and Cerebrates which lead her to gain great amounts of power. The only ones oppsing her were renegade Cerebrates trying to create a new overmind.

In the time of the Overminds death Sarrah Kerrigan began her violent rampage of ceasing control of Zerg forces killing those who got in her way she found out about a new Overmind so she manipulates the Protoss forces into helping her enliminate the new Overmind. This plan was interupted though because a new force called the UED (United Earth Directorate) took control over the new Overmind and now had power over half of Kerrigans forces but, this did not stop her. She would form a allience with the Protoss, her previous savior Arcturus Mengsk(Ruler of the Dominion) and one of the people who served with her and loved her was Jimmy Raynor to stop the UED. They did eventually stop them where Kerrigan betryed them and attacked them and took over the Zerg forces there. She would be confronted by this group again and would defeat them all this made her Ruler of all Zerg and shows how power her intellect is.


Kerrigan was created by Blizzard Entertainment as one of the main protagonists for their popular RTS game Starcraft.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Regenerative Healing Factor

Other Media

Video Games


First Game
First Game

In the first Starcraft Game we are introduced to the Character of Sarah Kerrigan and are shown her journey from being a Ghost to becoming the "Queen of Blades".

Starcraft 2

In the second Starcraft game the main antagonist runs into Kerrigan at several occasions as they race to collect fragments of an ancient Xel'naga artifact that is later re-assembled by Jim Raynor and used to un-infest Kerrigan during an all out assault at the Zerg home planet of Char.

Starcraft 2: Heart Of The Swarm

In this expansion you take on the role of Kerrigan as she struggles with her newfound humanity, eventually some hard decision's will have to be made to decide the future of the zerg or perhaps the entire world.

Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void

Is a major character in this expansion that directly impacts who the events unfold. She ascends into a Xel'naga, and becomes an immensely powerful godlike being during the course of the story.

Heroes Of The Storm

The Queen Of Blades is a playable character in this MOBA style game.


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