Queen of Angels

    Character » Queen of Angels appears in 22 issues.

    The monarch of Heven responsible for kidnapping Odin's daughter who was raised as the warrior Angela.

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    A Pact With Odin

    Long ago, time before time, time before history when humans didn't know how to speak and were fighting mammoths, there was a Tenth Realm called Heven in which a race called Angels lived. It was ruled by the Queen of Angels.

    During this prehistoric time, humans were harassed by Asgardians. The Queen made a deal with Odin himself to protect mortals from his own subjects. In return, Odin will pay them in full. Angels valued payment above all else.

    But the Queen also made an alliance with Jotunheim to form a strategy to defeat Asgard in which Jotunheim payed handsomely which angered Odin. The Queen gave him another deal, to pay off the Angels to betray the giants.

    Odin realized that the Queen have no honor and the her and her Angels value payment over anything else and she herself considers honor as swindle and insult, they started a great war between Asgard and Heven.

    A Great War

    Soon after, Heven raged war against Asgard but the might of Asgard proved too much for the force of Heven. Realizing that they cannot win, the Queen blackmailed Odin by threatening killing his firstborn child Aldrif (Angela). Odin refused and she seemingly killed his daughter. Odin's wrath was inevitable. He used his power to seal the Heven from the other Nine Realms.

    Unknown to Odin, the baby was still alive. The Queen ordered her handmaiden Loriel to get rid off the corpse but she secretly raised her and named her Angela.

    And thus ends the great war between Gods and Angels.

    Powers and Abilities

    Queen of Angels was very skilled in combat as she was able to easily kill Asgardians.

    • Superhuman Strength - She is proven to be stronger than regular Asgardian warriors.
    • Superhuman Durability - She is more durable than the average Asgardian.
    • Immortality - She is virtually immortal and cannot be affected by disease, hunger or old age.
    • Flight - She is able to fly by using her wings.

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