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    Marlena is a human who on a space voyage shipwrecked and ended up Wife to Randor, Queen of Eternia, and the mother of He-Man and She-Ra.

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    Marlena was a pilot who came across a black hole while on a test flight from Earth. Instead of being killed, her ship was pulled through the black hole. Emerging on the other side of the black hole, her ship crashed on the planet Eternia where she luckily was rescued by King Randor, the ruler of Eternia. The King was so impressed by Marlena's beauty, strength and intellect that he proposed to her. As such, she became Queen Marlena of Eternia. Their marriage was swiftly blessed with the birth of a pair of twins; a boy who grew into the powerful hero He-Man and a little girl who blossomed into She-Ra.

    Early on it was prophesied that the twins would gain great power when they grew up. Eternia came under attack from the Horde. Their leader Horde Prime had a plan to control the power that was destined for the baby twins. He sent his commander Hordak and Hordak's pupil Skeletor to kidnap the twins. Hordak successfully managed to break into the castle and entered the twins' chamber. While he was holding one of the babies, Queen Marlena and Man-At-Arms entered the room. Hordak escaped with the baby, but left his pupil Skeletor behind to suffer the consequences. However, Skeletor betrayed his masters by revealing the location of the Horde's base. During the attack on the Horde, Hordak escaped Eternia with the Baby princess vowing to the King and the Queen that they will never see their daughter again.

    Heartbroken, the King and Queen asked the Sorceress to cast a spell on Adam to save him from heartache of knowing that he had a sister and that she was lost to him.

    Major Story Arcs

    DC Vs. Masters

    For more information see: DC Universe vs. Masters of the Universe

    Skeletor used the Skull of Power to erase the Master memories and banish Marlena to Earth. There she seeks the help of John Constantine and Madame Xanadu to stop Skeletor, who has made it to Earth and is siphoning Earth's magic. Soon Marlena, John and Xanadu are joined by He-Man, Teela and Evil-Lyn, who have come to Earth looking for Skeletor.

    The group, lead by Constantine are soon attacked by the Justice League, who are under Skeletor's control. Marlena, and her group are teleported to the House of Mystery, where they confront Skeletor and an army of mind controlled heroes and villains being controlled by Dark Orko.

    After Skeletor and Dark Orko are defeated by He-Man and Superman, He-Man and his Master's head back to Eternia, but Marlena is forced to stay behind on Earth, due to Skeletor and the Skull of Power spell.

    Skills and Abilities

    Marlena is an excellent pilot and a capable markswoman.


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